New to vaping

E-cigarettes are an excellent option for those looking to switch from smoking, by offering an alternative nicotine source, without the harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke. In this guide we hope to equip you with some information on getting your device set up and choosing an e-liquid, as well as some general vaping tips to help make your transition from smoking to vaping as smooth as possible!

Reasons to start vaping

  • University College London have found e-cigarettes to be the most effective way to give up smoking, especially when combined with the help of a stop smoking specialist.
  • Public Health England have found vaping to be 95% less harmful than smoking, and e-liquids do not contain any of the countless toxic substances that are found in cigarette smoke.
  • E-liquids allow you to control your nicotine strength with the option to lower it as and when you are ready.
  • Vaping feels familiar to smokers, as the act of vaping closely replicates that of smoking in a way that other nicotine replacement therapies like patches and gum do not.
  • E-cigarette vapour dissipates in seconds and does not cause discolouration or leave a lingering smell on yourself or your environment.
  • On average, vapers spend only a third of the money they were spending when smoking, an average saving of £800 per year
Good Reasons To Start Vaping

How does an e-cigarette work?

An e-cigarette is comprised of a tank or pod, a battery, and a coil. The coil is housed inside of the tank or pod and is made up of coiled metal or a metal mesh surrounded by cotton, which absorbs the e-liquid.

When the device is fired the coil heats up and vaporises the e-liquid. This vapour can then be inhaled by the user.

Most starter kits have a built-in battery which will need to be recharged periodically via a USB charging cable. With care and maintenance, an e-cigarette can last upwards of a year before the battery will start to hold less charge and the device will need to be replaced. However, the coil or pod will need to be changed more regularly to ensure an enjoyable vaping experience. You will know when your coil or pod needs to be changed as the e-liquid will start to take on a slightly burnt or bitter taste.

Setting Up Your New Vape Kit

Setting up your device

Once you receive your device, you will find a user manual with a device specific set up guide to help you set up your device effectively.

If you are using a pre-filled pod system, it is as simple as popping the pod into the device and you are ready to go.

If you are using a device with fillable pods, simply fill the pod with e-liquid and let it sit for 5-10 minutes before inserting and beginning to vape.

If you are using a device with replaceable coils, squeeze a few drops of e-liquid onto any exposed cotton on the coil, this is known as priming. Avoid putting e-liquid into the centre of the coil, as this may not be absorbed straight away and may spit out of the mouthpiece when you use the device. Once you have primed the coil, insert it, and fill the tank with e-liquid, then let it sit for 5-10 minutes to become fully saturated.

It is important to ensure the coil is fully saturated with e-liquid before you use the device. If you use your device before the coil has fully absorbed the e-liquid this could lead to unpleasant dry hits and even cause the coil to burn out prematurely.

Once the tank is ready to use turn on the device, this is usually done by pressing the fire button 3-5 times in quick succession. If your device has an adjustable wattage feature make sure the wattage is set to the correct output for the coil you are using, and then your device will be ready to use!

Choosing an e-liquid

There are a few things you need to consider when choosing the best e-liquid to suit you.

First ensure you are purchasing the right type of e-liquid for your device. Starter kits and pod systems are best used with 50/50 and high PG e-liquids to help with absorption and coil longevity.

Next, select a nicotine strength that will match your previous nicotine intake to help keep your cravings at bay. Your previous smoking habits will help inform what strength will suit you best. We usually recommend the following as a good place to start:

  • Heavy smoker - 20+ cigarettes a day: 18mg – 20mg
  • Moderate smoker – 10 - 20 cigarettes a day: 10mg – 12mg
  • Light smoker – 5 - 10 cigarettes a day: 6mg
  • Casual smoker – Smokes few cigarettes or not every day: 0mg – 3mg

You can then move up or down a strength as needed to find the best one.

There are two different types of nicotine: salts and freebase. Nicotine salts offer an extremely smooth inhale and absorb into the bloodstream quickly to satisfy nicotine cravings in seconds. Whereas freebase nicotine offers a ‘throat hit’ and absorbs a bit slower for those who prefer lengthier vaping sessions.

Finally, find a flavour that you enjoy, as this will help you to keep picking up your e-cigarette and not think about smoking. While tobacco flavours are a good place to start, many vapers quickly find they prefer more adventurous flavours like fruits, desserts, and candy. We recommend starting with flavours you know you like, such as your favourite fruit or sweet treat.

If you are using a prefilled pod system you will not need to buy e-liquids, but instead can choose from the range of prefilled pods designed for your device. These will usually be available in a range of different flavours and nicotine strengths.

Charging, cleaning, and maintenance

Most starter kits are charged via a USB charger cable which will be provided in the box. The cable can be plugged into a computer or games console, or used with a wall-mounted plug. If using a wall plug, check that the plug is a 2amp charge or lower. Many mobile phone plugs are ‘fast charging’ and are too high powered to charge an e-cigarette.

You should avoid leaving your device unattended when charging and should not charge on a flammable surface such as a rug or blanket.

Cleaning and maintenance are important for prolonging the life of your device and keeping it in good working order. This includes regularly changing the coil, as a burnt-out coil can taste quite unpleasant and can actually impair the performance of your device.

We also recommend that you periodically wipe the exterior of your device to avoid a build-up of dust and lint which can get in the charging port, mouthpiece, and airflow of your device. Using a dry Q-tip and kitchen towel can help remove any dirt and dust and keep your device working at its best.

Cleaning your vape kit

We’re always here to help!

We’re always here to help! If you have any questions about choosing the right e-liquid or using your e-cigarette reach out to a member of our team and we will be happy to help! You can pop in to your local Evapo store and speak to a member of our team or reach out to our Customer Service team by phone on 020 3962 0965, by email on [email protected] or via the live chat option on our website.

We also have a wide range of online resources available through our online guides and FAQs, our blog, and our YouTube channel.

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