Disposable vapes

Disposable vapes or puff bars are an easy and convenient option for a back-up device or as a way to give vaping a try. Take a look at our range of disposable vape devices from all your favourite brands. Take a look at our disposable vapes guide below.

Disposable vapes are an ultra-convenient option as they are ready to use straight from purchase and require no assembly or additional accessories. This makes them ideal as a first device for new users and as a way to try how it feels to use an e-cigarette in comparison to smoking. If you need help why look at our top disposable vapes compared guide or best disposable vape 2023 recommendations.

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Disposable vapes guide

There are so many different disposable vapes available, in a wide variety of flavours and even in different nicotine strengths. Lets take a look at how they work and at some of the best disposable vapes on the market.

About disposable vapes

Disposable vapes are small vaping devices that cannot be refilled and are designed for convenience and short-term use. They can be a really handy option on occasions when you may not want to take your full vape kit and e-liquid with you.

If you have an expensive set up you might be reluctant to take it away with you on holidays, trips and festivals. If you are concerned about misplacing your device on an upcoming trip or night out, disposable vapes are inexpensive and small, easily stored in a pocket or bag, and if they go missing or get broken, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you won’t have to spend lots of money to replace them.

They are also a great companion for occasions like festivals, when you want to travel light and may not always have easy access to a place to charge. They do not need to be recharged or refilled, so you will not need to carry any of your vaping accessories or e-liquids.

Disposables do not have any buttons or settings, and are ready to use straight out of the packaging. Because they are draw activated all you need to do is inhale through the mouthpiece and the device will fire, a small light on the device will glow when it is in use. Once the battery in the device is depleted the light will begin to flash, letting you know it is time to dispose of the device and replace it.

Biggest flavour range

Having a wide range of flavours to choose from means that you are more likely to find the perfect one’s for you, that will not only make using your vape more enjoyable, but also make it easier to keep picking up an e-cigarette in favour of returning to smoking.

When it comes to flavour ranges there are two brands within our range which really stand out among the rest: Lost Mary and Crystal Bar.

Lost Mary offer two different types of disposable vapes, the BM600 and the BM600S, although the main difference between the two is the shape of the device. Between the two they offer a whopping 43 flavours, mainly focusing on fruit and beverage inspired flavours.

Crystal Bar also have a wide range of 33 flavours, but do offer a slightly more diverse range which includes not only fruity favourites, candy flavours, and beverage flavours, but also more traditional options like tobacco.

Strongest flavour

When it comes to flavour payoff you really can’t go wrong with the intense taste of the Elf Bar 600 range. Each device is filled with 2ml of their e-liquid in a choice of different nicotine strengths, and every puff from the first to the last is incredibly flavourful.

Best nicotine-free disposable vapes

While many disposable vapes have a high nicotine content, we know that this is not necessarily going to suit every vaper. For those who prefer a low or nicotine free formula, the ELUX range of nicotine-free disposable vapes is a great choice.

Because the ELUX range have a nicotine free formula, this also means that they are not limited by the same 2ml e-liquid capacity as nicotine-containing disposables, allowing them to contain a whopping 10ml of e-liquid. This, alongside the 1500 mAh built-in battery allows them to offer up to 3500 puffs per device, to last you much longer than many other disposable options.

Best CBD disposable

Another type of nicotine-free disposable which has become very popular are CBD disposables, which contain a CBD e-liquid and offer an easy way to take your daily dose of CBD. Each Ohm Brew CBD disposable contains 6ml of e-liquid which combines 300mg of CBD with 300mg of CBG, and offers up to 1200 puffs. You can read more about CBG in our blog post ‘What is CBG? Everything you need to know’. 

Longest lasting

When it comes to a long lasting disposable vapes, you can’t get better than a refillable disposable such as the Aspire One Up R1 or Innokin Endura S1.

We are one of the leading disposable vape UK stockists, with a huge range of fantastic options to choose from. Our flavour range includes options to suit every possible flavour preference, whether you’re looking for a tobacco or menthol flavour that feels familiar and accurately replicate the experience of smoking or something more exotic like fruit, candy, or drinks inspired options.

Simply search online for ‘disposable vapes near me’ and you’ll find details of the Evapo vape shop closest to you. Alternatively, you can order online, with same day dispatch and free delivery on qualifying orders. We also have a huge number of online resources such as expert vaping guides, the latest vaping news and informative vaping videos.

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Disposable vapes FAQ

What is a disposable vape?

A disposable vape, which are also known as puff bars, disposables, disposable pod kits, and other names, are devices designed at being incredibly user-friendly and created to be thrown away once the internal battery has run out of charge or e-liquid inside has been entirely used up.

These devices require no form of maintenance, no messy coil changes, no refilling with e-liquid, no charging and can be thrown away when they stop producing vapour.

Disposable vapes vaporise an e-liquid inside of them, which can’t be changed or refilled, to produce a vapour which is then inhaled. These devices have an internal battery, coil and e-liquid compartment inside which can’t be changed or tampered with.

Which disposable vape pen is best?

Each brand who creates disposable vape devices offer a variety of different things such as a bigger internal battery for more puffs, a higher or lower strength of e-liquid inside, different sizes of device for a more compact feel, a billed mouthpiece for a more comfortable vape and more.

All disposable vapes and puff bars are different, from the e-liquid flavour inside them to the approximate amount of puffs you get out of them or where they are created.

How does a disposable vape work?

A disposable vape is effectively a prefilled pod kit with no buttons, is draw activated and has no parts that are replaceable. These puff bar vape devices do not need to be charged, it does not require setting up or any form of maintenance.

These devices have a battery, coil and e-liquid already inside, when you draw on the device it spins a small motor found inside of the device, which then starts sending power to the coil and heating it up to then vaporise the e-liquid which you then inhale.

How do you vape a disposable vape?

Disposable vape devices have no buttons, and all work off of something called draw action. Draw activation means that you simply inhale through the mouthpiece to begin vaping.

To start using a disposable vape is simple, just start inhaling on the mouthpiece and the small motor inside will start spinning which sends power to the coil inside the device and in turn starts generating heat, which then vaporises the e-liquid saturated on the coil inside, which the user can then inhale.

How many puffs do you get from a disposable vape?

There is no specific amount of puffs you can achieve from a disposable vape device, however each brand gives an approximate number which is based on a variety of things.

The amount of puffs you can get out of a disposable varies from brand to brand and depends on variables such as the amount of e-liquid inside the device and the size of the internal batteries capacity as these are two of the three main components inside of a disposable vape.

Why do disposable vapes stop working?

Disposable vapes have built-in functions to stop the user from getting a dry hit, which is the taste of the coil burnt out and to stop any serious harm coming to the user.

A disposable vape device will stop working when one of two things happens. Firstly, it may be that the battery inside has run out of charge, meaning the device has no power to send to the coil and vaporise e-liquid anymore.

Alternatively, the e-liquid inside may have all been vaporised, meaning the devices safety features kick in to stop the user from experiencing a dry hit or tasting a burnt coil.

These devices are not designed to be re-charged or re-filled with e-liquid, please do not attempt to do so as this is dangerous.

What are the best disposable vape brands?

Disposable vapes have become a really popular option for a convenient and compact option that is great for popping in your bag as you’re running out of the door. Lots of really popular disposable vape pen brands have emerged in the last few years, such as Elf Bar, Lost Mary, Crystal Bar, and Brew Bar.

There are tons of different brands to choose from, with countless different flavour options and even different nicotine strengths, so take a look at the range to find the best ones for you!

What are the best disposable vape flavours?

There are so many different disposable vape flavours to choose from, and which one will be best for you really depends on your own flavour preferences and what kind of flavour you are looking for.

Our range includes disposable vapes from all different flavour categories, like fruits, menthols, desserts, beverages, and candy. If you have a favourite e-liquid flavour it is always a great idea to choose a disposable vape in a similar flavour, or just to choose some of your favourite flavours like your favourite fruit or dessert.

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