Our How To Guides To Help You On Your Vaping Journey

Our how to guides are here to answer all your vaping questions with comprehensive and easy to follow information. We cover a range of topics including how to clean and maintain your device, how to safely use vaping batteries, how to travel with your vape, and how to choose the right e-liquid for your tank. Whether you’re interested in taking a deep dive into what’s inside your e-liquid, or just want to find out why your tank is leaking, we want to help you be informed about vaping. If you have any how to guides you would like to see, or any vaping questions we haven’t answered yet, please get in touch.

  1. How to mix your own vape juice

    Love the thought of mixing up your favourite flavour profile, view our guide to this process

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  2. Recyclable disposable vapes

    The ANDS Slix range offers the convenience of a disposable vape but is made up of over 99% recyclable and biodegradable materials, for a more environmentally conscious vaping option...

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  3. Vaping Dry Herbs

    Dry herb vaporizers have become extremely popular in recent years, but how much do you really know about them?..

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  4. Which PAX is right for me?

    We're taking a closer look at the range of PAX dry herb vaporizers to help you choose which one will best suit you...

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  5. Summer vaping safety

    As the temperatures in the UK are starting to rise, we've got lots of summer vaping safety advice to help you vape safer this summer...

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  6. What does MTL and DTL vaping mean?

    You've probably heard mention of MTL and DTL vape kits, but what does that actually mean and which one is right for you?

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  7. How to decrease your nicotine strength

    If you're thinking about decreasing your nicotine strength but are not sure where to get started, we've got all of your questions answered...

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  8. What are the different types of vape battery?

    Different vape kits utilise different types of batteries, but how much do you really know about the different types of vape batteries?..

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  9. Vaping pod system buying guide

    We're taking a look at pod vape kits to help you find out which pod kit could be the best option for you...

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  10. Does vaping set off smoke alarms?

    If you have recently made the switch from smoking to vaping you may be wondering if vaping can set off your smoke alarms...

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Switching made simple

All you need to know to get you started into the world of vaping.

Choosing a new device

In depth how-to-guides for all aspects of vaping.

E-liquids explained

We are here to help with any vaping questions you may have.

Vaping FAQs

All you need to know to get you started into the world of vaping.

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