How to guides

Our how to guides are here to answer all your vaping questions with comprehensive and easy to follow information. We cover a range of topics including how to clean and maintain your device, how to safely use vaping batteries, how to travel with your vape, and how to choose the right e-liquid for your tank. Whether you’re interested in taking a deep dive into what’s inside your e-liquid, or just want to find out why your tank is leaking, we want to help you be informed about vaping. If you have any how to guides you would like to see, or any vaping questions we haven’t answered yet, please get in touch.

  1. Which strength e-liquid should I use?

    In this post we'll be helping you identify what nicotine strength e-liquid will best suit your needs...

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  2. Vape device cleaning and maintenance

    Our e-cigarettes go almost everywhere with us, but do give it enough attention when it comes to cleaning and maintenance?..

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  3. Vaping battery safety

    Most of us use our e-cigarette every day, but do you know everything you need to about battery safety?...

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  4. What's inside my e-liquid?

    Every wondered what's inside your e-liquid? We're taking a look at what ingredients go into making an e-liquid...

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  5. Alternatives to smoking

    There are now a plethora of different alternatives to smoking, so let's take a look at what option would best suit you...

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  6. Which nic shot should I use?

    Many e-liquids are now sold in larger, nicotine free bottles designed for DIY e-liquid mixing. If you are new to using shortfills, working out the...

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  7. Pick your ZYN®

    ZYN nicotine pouches are a great alternative nicotine source, find out which ZYN would best suit you needs with this handy guide...

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  8. Travelling With Your Vape

    Wherever you may be off to this summer, it’s important to plan ahead to make sure you are well stocked and prepared for your time...

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  9. Which PAX Is Right For Me?

    E-cigarettes are not the only vaporisers that have gained recent popularity as an alternative to smoking. Dry herb vaporisers are also becoming a big part...

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  10. Why Is My Tank Leaking?

    Your vape tank leaking can be an annoying inconvenience and there are a number of different reasons it could be happening. In this post we...

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All you need to know to get you started into the world of vaping.

Choosing a new device

In depth how-to-guides for all aspects of vaping.

E-Liquids explained

We are here to help with any vaping questions you may have.

Vaping FAQs

All you need to know to get you started into the world of vaping.

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