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Evapo is committed to the development and professionalisation of the vaping world. We bring you all the latest vaping news and commentary on developments in the vaping industry including; scientific guidance and insights into vaping, regulatory changes and the politics behind the most recent headlines grabbing stories. There is new research being conducted on vaping, and we are learning new information about the benefits of e-cigarettes as an alternative nicotine source all the time, and we love to share and debate these vaping news stories with you. If you have a vape news story you’d like us to cover, please get in touch.
  1. IBVTA asks vapers to speak up in Government consultation

    The IBVTA are urging vapers to have their say on the future of vaping by responding to the Government's open consultation...

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  2. Our strategy to prevent youth vaping

    Evapo have released our comprehensive strategy to address youth vaping and respond to proposed legislation...

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  3. Vaping – the latest research, facts and data

    There’s a lot of research out there on vaping – and that research is growing all the time! We’ve gathered together some of the most...

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  4. Government opens consultation on smoking and youth vaping

    The Government have opened their public consultation on proposed action for tackling youth vaping and creating a smokefree generation...

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  5. Government announces plans for a ‘smokefree generation’

    The Government have announced their plans to create a 'smokefree generation' and address the rise in youth vaping...

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  6. Common myths about vaping

    Lots of people have opinions about vaping, but that doesn’t mean they have the facts. We often see misinformation spread about vapes and e-liquids and...

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  7. Royal College of Physicians continue to endorse vaping

    The Royal College of Physicians have once again shown their support for vaping as a crucial harm reduction tool...

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  8. Vaping is helping bring around the demise of smoking

    New research from Queen Mary University London has found that vaping may actually be speeding up the demise of smoking...

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  9. Stop for good, not just October

    If you are thinking of making the switch from smoking to vaping, there is no better time than during the annual Stoptober campaign...

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  10. Highest chance of quitting smoking using vapes

    The latest Cochrane review has revealed that vaping is as effective as smoking cessation medications varenicline and cytisine...

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