Watermelon-flavoured e-liquid

Watermelon e-liquid is one of the most popular flavours of vape juice at Evapo due to the light and refreshing taste. Our range includes options from big e-liquid brands like Ohm Brew, ELFLIQ, and Flavour Lab.

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About watermelon e-liquid

Fresh, juicy, and crisp; it’s really no surprise that watermelon is such a popular flavour. No matter what formula e-liquid you need, there are a number of delicious watermelon options to choose.

Ohm Brew have made one of their most popular flavours, watermelon sugar, available in a variety of different options to suit all different types of vapers. If you are using a starter kit or pod system you can enjoy this sweet flavour in their 50/50 nic salt range or their CORE freebase nicotine range. On the other hand, if you are using an advanced vape kit it would be best to use their high VG formula in their Badass Blends and Badass XL range.

For a cooler take on a watermelon vape why not check out Double Brew watermelon ice or Strapped Slushie watermelon.

You can browse all of our watermelon vape juice options, along with our full range of over 200 e-liquids online or in one of our UK vape shops.

Watermelon e-liquid FAQ

Which watermelon vape juice should I choose?

There are a number of different watermelon flavours available from simple watermelon, to watermelon ice, to watermelon based fruit medleys.

Our range includes options from all the biggest vaping brands, including Ohm Brew, ELFLIQ, and IVG, we recommend exploring the range to find which option would best suit your flavour preferences.

Do all e-liquids contain nicotine?

Not all e-liquids contain nicotine, and whether you choose a nicotine containing e-liquid or a nicotine free one depends on your own personal needs.

Most vapers, especially those who have only just made the switch from smoking to vaping, prefer to use an e-liquid with a nicotine content as a way to manage their nicotine cravings during their stop smoking attempt.

Which type of e-liquid should I use in a starter kit?

The majority of the time starter kits are best paired with a 50/50 or high PG e-liquid as they have a thin consistency that is easy for the small coils in the device to absorb.

If you are unsure about which e-liquid you should use in your vape kit you can pop in to your local Evapo store or speak to our customer service team.

What is a short fill?

A short fill is a bottle of e-liquid which contains more than 10ml of vape juice. UK law dictates that nicotine containing e-liquid cannot be sold in bottles bigger than 10ml, so short fills have a nicotine free formula however the do leave room for the addition of nicotine shots if needed.

They are called short fills because they are filled short of the top of the bottle to allow room for enough nic shots to create a 3 mg/ml e-liquid overall. For example, a 50ml short fill will leave room for one 10ml nic shot, and a 100ml short fill leaves room for two.

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