Double Brew Bar Series vape juice

Double Brew Bar Series, the latest range from Ohm Brew, are a range e-liquids inspired by popular disposable vape flavours. Double the concentrate means double the flavour and double to enjoyment! The Double Brew range is available in 10 ml bottles with a smooth nic salt formula and a 50/50 ratio that is ideal for use with starter vape kits. Choose between a 5 mg, 10 mg & 20 mg/ml nicotine strength and 16 mouth-watering flavour options. Selected flavours are also available in 100ml short fills with a 50/50 formula and room in the bottle for the addition of two 10ml nicotine shots (sold separately) if needed.

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Double Brew Vape Juice

Double Brew Bar Series is the latest addition to the ever growing Ohm Brew family, and is a range comprised of delicious disposable vape style e-liquids that let you enjoy your favourite disposable vape flavours every day in your refillable vape kit.

The 16 flavours within this range are inspired by some of the most popular disposable vape flavours, including some from the BrewBox range, and offer the same nic salt formula for a smooth vaping experience and fast absorption to quickly satisfy cravings. They are also available in three different nicotine strengths: 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg/ml, so you can choose the option that best reflects your personal needs, and have the option to lower your nicotine strength over time if you want.

Eight of the flavours are also available in a 50/50 short fill format, which allows you to stock up on your favourite flavours to pair with your favourite starter vape kit or pod system. Each 100ml short fill contains 100ml of nicotine free e-liquid in a 120ml bottle, which leaves room for the addition of nicotine shots if needed. You can add two 10ml 18 mg/ml nicotine shots to the short fill to create 120ml of 3 mg/ml e-liquid overall.

Many disposable vapes contain an e-liquid with more flavour concentrate than standard e-liquids for a more intense flavour. Double Brew Bar Series e-liquids have double the amount of flavour concentrate than that found in standard e-liquids, so you can enjoy the crisp and powerful flavour of a disposable vape in any compatible vape kit.

Using disposable vapes regularly can be a costly way to vape and can result in a lot of extra waste going to landfill. Transitioning to a reusable vape kit and disposable inspired e-liquids like Double Brew is not only good for your wallet but also has a reduced environmental impact.

The 50VG/50PG ratio of the Double Brew Bar Series range makes them ideal for use with starter kits like refillable pod systems and pen vape kits, ideal for new vapers and those looking for alternatives to disposable vapes.

Double Brew FAQ

Does Double Brew vape juice contain nicotine?

Whether a Double Brew vape juice contains nicotine depends on which size bottle you are purchasing. This is because nicotine containing e-liquid cannot be sold in bottles larger than 10ml in the UK.

The 10ml bottles of Double Brew Bar Series vape juice are available in a choice of 5 mg/ml, 10 mg/ml, or 20 mg/ml, so you can select the strength that best reflects your needs. The 100ml Double Brew short fills on the other hand have a nicotine-free formula, but nicotine shots can be added after purchase if prefer.

Does Double Brew vape juice taste like disposable vapes?

Yes, Double Brew e-liquids are bar salts, which means they are e-liquids specifically formulated to replicate the taste and vaping experience of disposable vapes.

Not only are Double Brew e-liquids available in all of the most popular disposable vape flavours, but they also contain twice as much flavour concentrate as standard e-liquids, for a much stronger flavour payoff.

What are Double Brew bar salts?

Bar salts are a relatively new addition to the vaping market, and are e-liquids which are available in all the most popular disposable vape flavours, and are designed to offer a similar vaping experience to using disposables.

The Double Brew range utilise a double flavour concentrate formula to offer that strong, impactful flavour which is synonymous with disposable vapes, and the 10ml bottles use nic salts for a smooth feeling inhale.

How do I add nicotine to a Double Brew short fill?

Bottles of e-liquid which are larger than 10ml cannot contain  nicotine at the point of purchase in the UK, and so are sold as nicotine-free short fills. However, there is space left in the bottle for the user to add nicotine to the e-liquid if they prefer, by using nicotine shots.

The Double Brew short fills contain 100ml of zero nicotine vape juice in a 120ml bottle, which leaves enough room for the addition on two 10ml nicotine shots. Remove the cap and nozzle from the Double Brew and nic shots, and pour the nic shots into the short fill. Replace the nozzle and cap to the short fill bottle and give it a good shake to ensure the nicotine is evenly dispersed. You can use the vape juice straight away, and two 10ml nic shots into a 100ml Double Brew short fill will produce 120ml of 3 mg/ml vape juice overall.

More about Double Brew Bar Series

Double Brew Bar Series e-liquids are mixed and manufactured in Belfast in Ohm Brew’s ISO 9001 accredited clean rooms. Each and every batch undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it is of the highest quality, and they are committed to using only the most premium ingredients and materials, all sourced from within the UK.

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