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Elf Bar offer an excellent short-term vaping solution, perfect for short trips and nights out when you need a simple device you can pop in your pocket. Elf Bar 600 disposable vapes are available in a 20 mg/ml nicotine strength, with selected flavours also available in a 10 mg/ml option. For an even more flavourful vaping experience, the Elf Bar 600V2 range, is a new and improved version of the original Elf Bar 600 disposable vape. They are filled with the same delicious Elf Bar e-liquids and utilise state-of-the-art QUAQ mesh coil technology. For an even longer lasting vape they have now introduced their AF5000 range of big puff vape bars, which offer a total of 12ml of vape 20 mg/ml vape juice and up to 5000 puffs per device.

Check out the wide range of flavours available from Elf Bar. Read our statement on Elf Bar 600 compliance.

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About Elf Bar

Elf Bar disposables are available in a wide variety of delicious flavours, prefilled with 2 ml of 20 mg/ml nic salt e-liquids for a super smooth inhale. Selected flavours are also available in a lower 10 mg/ml strength, or even with a nicotine free formula, so you can select the option that best suits you.

Each device features a 550 mAh pre-charged battery to allow for up to 600 puffs per device, equivalent to more than two packs of cigarettes. Elf Bars are a great solution when you are heading out and need something to keep your nicotine cravings at bay but need to pack light. The compact and lightweight design makes them extremely travel friendly, and because they are disposable they require no additional accessories, letting you travel light.

The body of the device has a sleek rubberised finish and cylindrical shape, and the duck-bill mouthpiece makes for a really comfortable vaping experience. The flavour of each device is also conveniently printed on the outside and corresponds to the colour of the device, so you always know which flavour you are grabbing, even in a rush!

The Elf Bar 600V2 range features a new and improved design, with a sleek metallic body which houses a QUAQ mesh coil and cell for improved flavour and vapour. They are available in a choice of 17 flavours, consisting of some classic Elf Bar flavours along with some brand new ones.

The slimline QUAQ mesh coil offers better heat distribution and more effective e-liquid utilisation, for an intense flavour payoff and a vapour that remains consistent from the first puff to the last. You can find out more about it in our blog post ‘QUAQ mesh coil technology’.

Elf Bar's latest range, the AF5000, offers a way to enjoy the Elf Bar flavours you know and love for longer. These big puff bars utilise a unique design that allows each device to offer up to 5000 puffs before it will need to be disposed of. This is because the device comes prefilled with 2ml of 20 mg/ml vape juice, but the device also comes with a 10ml refill container, for a total of 12ml of 20 mg/ml nic salt vape juice per device.

Another big puff bar offered by Elf Bar is their 1200 2-in-1 vape, which comes with two 2ml prefilled pods, allowing the device to hold 4ml of vape juice. This higher e-liquid capacity along with the 650 mAh built-in rechargeable battery allows the 1200 2-in-1 to offer up to 1,200 puffs per device.

Elf Bar disposable vapes FAQ

What are Elf Bars?

Elf Bars are a convenient, disposable vape device. They come pre-charged and pre-filled with e-liquid and can be disposed of when they are empty. These types of devices are ideal for taking with you on short trips, to festivals, and even on nights out as they compact, discreet, and require no other vaping accessories.

Elf Bars are available in a huge range of different flavours, with 2 ml of e-liquid and a 550 mAh built-in battery that offers up to 600 puffs per device. Most Elf Bar 600s have a 20 mg/ml nicotine strength but selected flavours are also available in a nicotine free option.

Are Elf Bars legal to buy in the UK?

Elf Bars are legal to buy in the UK by anyone over the age of 18. It is important to purchase from a reputable retailer to ensure that you are buying a legitimate product that has been subject to all the appropriate testing and meets UK regulations.

In our Evapo retail stores and on our website we only stock Elf Bars from trusted suppliers that contain 2 ml of 20 mg/ml e-liquid, the legal limit in the UK. If you see Elf Bars that are advertised to contain more than 2 ml of e-liquid, or a higher nicotine content, it may be counterfeit and is not legal for sale in the UK.

Do Elf Bar 600s contain nicotine?

Elf Bars are available in both a nicotine containing and a nicotine free option, depending on which is your preference.

The nicotine containing Elf Bar 600s contain 20 mg/ml of nicotine, with selected flavours also available in a 10 mg/ml strength. As with all e-cigarettes, they are designed to be used by adult smokers as an alternative nicotine source.

Can you refill Elf Bar 600s?

As Elf Bars are a disposable device they cannot be refilled and should be responsibly disposed of when empty. The indicator light on the bottom of the device will start to flash when the device is starting to run out, so you can either replace it with a new Elf Bar or with a permanent e-cigarette which can be refilled.

If you are looking for a reusable vape kit that still tastes like your favourite Elf Bar 600 device, we recommend trying their Elf Bar Mate 500 and ELFA devices which are prefilled pod systems. You could also try the ELFLIQ range of e-liquid by Elf Bar in your favourite refillable vape kit.

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