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About CBD vape e-liquid

CBD e liquid is the most effective way to introduce the benefits of CBD into your system, and if you are already a vaper, it is easy to add in to your daily rotation. The CBD is quickly absorbed into the blood system through the blood vessels around the lungs, optimising bioavailability, which describes the amount of the active ingredient, in this case CBD, which is absorbed into the blood stream and will have an active effect on the body. As this is a very direct way to introduce CBD, and the vaporisation means that the CBD is dispersed well and can cover a larger surface area, there is little lost and most of the CBD introduced through vaping will make it into circulation.

CBD e liquids work best in low wattage devices, between about 14-20 watts, as higher wattages risk burning the CBD and lessening the amount of active CBD. Although they can be mixed with pre-existing e liquids, as with the CBD base options, it is best used with no nicotine, as nicotine can interfere with the absorption of the CBD and therefore lessen the benefits.

You can buy CBD e liquids in a range of different strengths and flavours, so there are a number of options to suit the specific needs and tastes of each individual. They are separated in to two categories, ready to use e liquids and base mixes;

Ready to use CBD e liquids are, as the name suggests, ready to use. Simply fill your tank with your chosen product and you are ready to go! These options are available in a range of strengths, from low dosages of 30mg to higher dosages of 600+mg. Which dosage you choose will depend entirely on your own personal needs, but if you are unsure what strength would best suit you, speak to a member of our team for advice. Ready to use CBD e liquids can be purchased with the natural hemp flavour, but are also available in a range of different flavours such as fruity or minty flavours, that mask the natural hemp flavour for those who do not enjoy it.

CBD base e liquids are higher strength, unflavoured e liquids which are designed to be mixed with other normal 0mg e liquid. This gives the option for controlled dosage and also for you to mix with your favourite e liquid so you can keep using your favourite all day vape, with the added benefits of CBD.

Here at Evapo we offer a huge range of CBD e liquids, from leading brands such as CBD by Ohm Brew, Vitality, Harmony and George Botanicals. Pop in to your local Evapo store to browse the range and flavour options. You can also buy CBD e liquid online on our online vape store, which offers flexible delivery options to suit even the busiest of lifestyles. Read more about CBD through our guides and blog.

CBD vape e-liquid FAQ

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a type of cannabinoid which is naturally occurring in the cannabis plant. CBD sold in the UK goes through processing to remove any THC present, to make it legal for sale and devoid of any hallucinogenic properties.

CBD is a popular supplement that many people include in their daily routine as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It can be purchased in a number of different forms, including e-liquids, tinctures, and topical creams and ointments.

If you would like to learn more about CBD, take a look at our ‘CBD guide’ blog post or reach out to a member of our team.

What are CBD e-liquids?

CBD e-liquids incorporate CBD into an liquid that can be vaped to be used in an e-cigarette. They are available in various flavours and strengths and are best used in low powered devices like small pod kits.

CBD e-liquids are a fast and efficient way to use CBD and allow you to choose the exact strength that works best for you.

We offer a wide range of CBD e-liquids from top CBD brands like CBD by Ohm Brew and Vitality CBD who use premium CBD for a high-quality product and enjoyable vaping experience.

Can you use CBD e-liquids with nicotine?

Although CBD e-liquids can be mixed with regular e-liquids, it is not recommended that they are mixed with nicotine containing e-liquids as the nicotine can counteract the CBD.

Many people who use both CBD and nicotine containing e-liquids prefer to have a separate device that is used specifically for CBD e-liquids, or a pod system that allows them to have one pod that is only filled with CBD. This avoids CBD being inadvertently mixed with a nicotine containing e-liquid and lets you make the most of your CBD.

If you need any advice on mixing CBD e-liquids with regular e-liquids reach out to our customer service team or pop in to your local Evapo store.

Are CBD e-liquids legal?

Yes, CBD e-liquids are legal to buy and sell in the UK, as long as they do not contain THC. If you are purchasing from a reputable retailer like Evapo the CBD products will have been subject to testing to ensure that it meets UK regulations.

If a CBD product is advertised as containing THC this is not legal as THC is a banned substance.

You can learn more about CBD in our CBD guide blog post.

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