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Pick 4 of your favourite flavours from this range for just £12! You can even mix and match between different brands, flavours and nicotine strengths within the deal. Browse our full range of e-liquids to find yourself a new favourite.

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Mix and match

Our mix & match 4 for £12 deal lets you pick up your favourite 10 ml e-liquids, or even find some new favourites, for a steal of a deal!

Our range offers a huge variety of flavours from all of your favourite vaping brands, with a range of nicotine strengths available to help you find the exact e-liquid that will best meet your needs.

The e-liquids within this range are ideal for both new and existing vapers using starter kits and pod systems.

4 for £12 e-liquid FAQ

Why do e-liquids have different ratios of VG/PG?

VG (vegetable glycerine) and PG (propylene glycol) are the two primary ingredients in any e-liquid. The ratio of VG and PG dictates the overall consistency of the e-liquid, those with a high VG content have a thick, syrupy consistency, while those with a high PG content have a waterier consistency.

The different ratio e-liquids are suited to different types of devices, with 50/50 and high PG e-liquids working best in starter kits and pod systems, and high VG e-liquids being more suited to sub-ohm and advanced vape kits.

Choosing the right ratio is important to ensure the coil within your device can absorb the e-liquid effectively without drying out or over saturating. Take a look at our blog post ‘How do I choose the right e-liquid?’ if you need help finding the right e-liquid to suit both you and your device.

What is freebase nicotine?

Freebase nicotine is a form of nicotine which is extracted from the tobacco plant using an alkaline base and is characterised by offering a ‘throat hit’ that many ex-smokers find is reminiscent of the feel of smoking a cigarette.

For this reason, freebase nicotine is popular among many new vapers who are looking to accurately replicate the feel of smoking, to make vaping feel familiar and comfortable for them as they make the switch from smoking to vaping.

How do I know which nicotine strength I need?

Which nicotine strength will best suit you depends mainly on your previous smoking habits, as you will need to find the nicotine strength that best matches your previous nicotine intake. This will help you manage your nicotine cravings without experiencing unpleasant withdrawal or intaking more nicotine than you are used to.

We have a comprehensive guide to finding the right nicotine strength in our blog post ‘Which strength e-liquid should I use?

Do 10 ml e-liquids always contain nicotine?

Although many vapers prefer to use nicotine in order to help manage their nicotine cravings, some may opt for a nicotine free formula. Whether you were a light or casual smoker, so do not feel you need nicotine, or have decreased your strength over time and no longer need an e-liquid with a nicotine content, there are many nicotine free options available.

The range of 10 ml nicotine free e-liquids is somewhat smaller than that of the nicotine containing range, however there are many popular flavours available from all the best vaping brands in a 0 mg formula.

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