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Efest are renowned in the vaping community as one of the best manufacturers of batteries and LCD chargers, offering vaper’s safety, reassurance, and helping them ensure their batteries are ready to go whenever they need them. Efest provide a range of lithium batteries safe for use in e-cigarettes, along with battery bay chargers with an array of built-in safety precautions that will not only ensure that your batteries are charged safely, but also help improve longevity.

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Efest pride themselves on using the most advanced generation of lithium batteries, with cutting edge technology and superior research and development for high performance products.

Efest FAQ

How do I charge Efest vape batteries?

Efest external vape batteries can be charged in two different ways; either through the device by using the USB cable that came with the device, or outside of the device on a battery bay charger.

We recommend using a battery bay charger where possible as it can help to prolong the life of your batteries and offers more built-in protections, like overcharge prevention.

How do I dispose of Efest batteries?

Efest batteries, like other batteries, should not be disposed of in your usual household waste as they contain substances that need to be disposed of in specific ways.

You can dispose of them at any battery recycling point, which are usually found in supermarkets, electronics stores, and in your local Evapo vape shop.

When should I replace Efest batteries?

Like all batteries, your Efest vape batteries will eventually need to be replaced. With repeated use and recharging, you’ll notice that the batteries will start to hold charge for a shorter time than when they were new, and once they no longer hold charge for a sufficient amount of time you’ll want to buy replacements.

However, if your batteries become damaged in any way it is best to stop using them and replaced them as soon as possible. If you notice any bulging, tears, or abrasions on the batteries this could compromise them and make them no longer safe to use, so it is always best to immediately stop using them and replace them.

What is an Efest battery bay charger?

A battery bay charger is a type of charger used for external batteries, allowing you to charge them outside of the device. We recommend using a battery bay charger if possible for charging your external vape batteries, as they have many built-in protections such as overcharging prevention, and can help prolong the life of your batteries.

They also allow you to keep extra batteries, which you can swap out when needed without having to wait for them to charge, which is really handy if you are often out of the house all day and want to be able to keep a spare set of batteries with you.

More about Efest

Efest’s range of lithium batteries and battery chargers have passed a number of international testing checks and hold certification for UL, CE, RoHS, UN38.3 and MSDS, among others.

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