Advanced vape kits

Experienced vapers may be looking for a large device with more power and options for personalising your vaping experiences. Our range of advcanced vape kits includes a variety of devices, including both internal and external battery options.

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About Advanced vape kits

Advanced vape kits are designed for experienced vapers who have been vaping for some time and have successfully made the switch from smoking to vaping. This is because these devices do not as accurately recreate the feel of smoking as starter kits, and are best used with a low nicotine strength or a nicotine free e-liquid.

Advanced vape kits are a high powered option and utilise sub-ohm tanks for a large vapour production. Because they have sub-ohm tanks they are best paired with a high VG e-liquid and used with a direct-to-lung vaping style.

Most advanced devices also offer the user a number of ways to personalise their vaping experience, such as adjustable airflow, variable wattage, and different vaping settings. They also commonly utilise external batteries which can be removed to charge, allowing you to carry spare batteries and swap them out when needed.

Our range of advanced vape kits includes options from all the biggest vaping brands, including VOOPOO, Geekvape, SMOK, and many others.

Advanced vape kits FAQ

What are advanced vape kits?

Advanced vape kits are a type of e-cigarette designed for experienced users, that offer a high power output and large vapour production. Unlike starter vape kits, these advanced kits are not specifically designed to feel like smoking a cigarette, but instead are more targeted to flavour, vapour production, and a direct-to-lung vaping style.

There are often different built-in features and settings in an advanced vape kit that allow the user to adjust the wattage output, airflow, and other aspects of the device to cater to the users exact preferences.

Do advanced vape kits have built-in batteries?

Some advanced vape kits have built-in batteries, whereas others utilise external batteries that can be removed to charge, allowing the user to keep multiple sets of batteries. Whether you opt for a vape kit with a built-in battery or external batteries depends on your personal preferences, if you are often out and about or do always have access to a place to charge your device throughout the day an external battery may be a great option, as you can take a spare set of batteries with you to swap out whenever needed.

What e-liquid do I use with an advanced vape kit?

Advanced vape kits usually come with a sub-ohm tank which will need to be used with high VG e-liquids. This is because the coils used in these tanks have large e-liquid contacts that can quickly absorb e-liquid, and the thick consistency of a high VG e-liquid is easily absorbed without the coil becoming over saturated.

Can new vapers use advanced vape kits?

We do not recommend new vapers use an advanced vape kit, as these devices are not specifically designed with new vapers in mind. Starter kits are designed to replicate the feel of smoking a cigarette, making it easier to make the transition from smoking to vaping, and they also facilitate the use of 50/50 e-liquids in any nicotine strength, allowing you to select the strength that best matches your previous smoking habits.

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