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PAX Labs let you vape in style, with their extremely intuitive and high-tech dry herb vaporizers that allow for crisp and clean taste, along with several ways to personalise your vaping experience. They have a number of options to choose from, so you’re bound to find the perfect PAX for you. PAX Labs have utilised their team’s backgrounds in consumer technology, biotech, and healthcare perfectly to ensure their industry leading products are reliable, innovative and always manufactured using the highest quality materials and techniques. The devices each have a powerful built-in battery which can be recharged whenever needed with their convenient USB charger.

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PAX Vape

PAX Labs Inc. aim to create personal dry herb vaporizers which offer a discreet experience that can be personalised to suit the individual. Combining highest quality materials with cutting edge technology, PAX vape devices give their customers a viable alternative to smoking.

Their new PAX Mini features a redesigned oven and compact design that makes it ideal for solo sessions. It offers simple single button operation, and fits easily in your pocket or bag if you want a great device to take with you on-the-go.

Their brand new Pax Plus device is the ultimate in dry herb vaporizing, offering you multiple experience modes to choose from depending on your preference and what kind of vaping experience you want each and every time you use the device. You can also adjust your oven size to match your exact needs, and they even include a concentrate insert, making it a dual use device which can be used with both dry herb and concentrates. Their new 3D oven screens make cleaning and maintaining the device between sessions a breeze, so you can ensure you’re always getting the best flavour and experience possible.

You can also shop our range of PAX accessories to help you maintain and make the most of your PAX device.


What is a PAX dry herb vaporizer?

PAX are one of the leading manufacturers of dry herb vaporizers, which are a type of heat-not-burn device which is used with dry herb materials. The device gently heats the materials, enough to create a vapour but not enough to cause them to burn, eliminating the need for smoking.

Because the materials are heated instead of burned, these devices can offer different settings to allow users to personalise their vaping experience to best suit their needs. PAX dry herb vapes have built-in rechargeable batteries and a sleek design housing state-of-the-art technology.

Can I use a PAX dry herb vape with concentrates?

If you want to use your PAX vape with concentrates it is important to ensure your device is equipped for this. Because dry herb and concentrates react very differently when heated, there is a specific oven insert which has been designed for use with concentrates.

This oven insert comes with the PAX Plus device, but not with the PAX Mini, so this is something to consider when choosing which PAX kit to buy. The PAX Plus also has multiple different experience modes, the boost mode is the best option if you are using concentrates.

What is the oven capacity on a PAX dry herb vape?

The PAX Plus has a full sized 0.5g oven, which will need to be tightly packed to get the best experience. However, if you want to use less materials or are looking for a shorter vaping session, it also comes with a half pack oven lid which decreases the oven size to 0.25g.

The PAX Mini has a smaller 0.25g oven size, the same as the half packed Pax Plus oven, and does not come with any oven inserts which increase or decrease the size of the oven.

Do PAX dry herb vapes smell?

Because PAX dry herb vaporizers create a vapour instead of a smoke, the smell they produce is minimal in comparison to if you were to smoke the materials, and is much less pungent.

This vapour also does not linger in the air as long as a smoke would, and does not cling to your clothes and skin in the same way. Although there will still be some smell when using a PAX vape, it is much less noticeable than when smoking.

More about PAX

PAX Labs formed in June 2017 when it separated from parent company JUUL, and are based out of San Francisco.

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