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We stock vape coil options from all the biggest brands, including SMOK, Vaporesso, VOOPOO, Innokin, Aspire, and many, many more. Many of our coil options include different resistances, allowing you to select the perfect coil to fit both your tank and your vaping needs!

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  1. SMOK RPM 2 mesh coils 5 pack
  2. SMOK Mini V2 S1 coils 3 pack
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About vape coils

Vape coils, also known as atomizers or atomizer heads, consist of a metal coil wrapped in cotton, housed in a metal outer layer. The cotton absorbs the vape juice in the tank, which is then turned into a vapour when the coil is heated. Some atomizers contain multiple coils, and they can be made from a number of different metals and can also be found in mesh or ceramic varieties. Each vape coil has a recommended wattage range for use, which will ensure the coil does not burn out prematurely, and that you are getting optimal flavour and cloud production.

Coils are replaceable, and from time to time you will need to dispose of the old coil and replace it with a fresh one. With continued use, the vapour produced from your e-cigarette may start to change in taste, becoming burnt or bitter, this usually means that the atomizer needs to be replaced as the cotton inside is starting to burn.

Mesh coils have become a popular choice in many newer vape kits, and utilise a metal mesh instead of wire coil. Many vapers find that mesh coils offer better flavour payoff and have a longer life, as the mesh covers a larger surface area for more even and consistent heat distribution. A lot of vape kits will offer a mesh coil option, like the Vaporesso XROS 3 Mini and the SMOK Nord 4, so why not give mesh coils a try to see if they might be right for you?

Our team of experts have extensive training and knowledge to help you identify the right vape coil for use in your tank and can even help you fit the new coil and show you how to prime it ready for use. We can help you find the right wattage and airflow settings to get the most out of your atomizer, and help you optimize the longevity of your coil.

We stock a wide range of vape coils suitable for tanks from all of the leading hardware brands, such as Innokin, SMOK, Aspire, VOOPOO and Vaporesso. Whether you are looking for standard coils, sub-ohm coils or mesh coils, we stock options to suit your device and vaping preferences.

Vape Coils FAQ

What are coils in vapes?

The coil found within a vape kits tank or pod kits pod consists of a wrapped metal wire, which looks similar to a spring, with cotton wrapped within.

The cotton soaks up e-liquid within the tank or pod, the vape kits battery sends power to the metal coil to generate heat, this heat then evaporates the e-liquid saturated on the cotton within the coil, enabling the user to then inhale the vapour produced.

The higher the resistance of the coil, the less power and longer heat-up time and are known as standard coils.

The lower the resistance the more power is needed, and they have a much faster heat up time, producing an increased amount of vapour and are known as sub-ohm coils.

Do you need coils to vape?

Yes, without a coil a vape kit is unable to vaporise the e-liquid within the tank or pod and subsequently produce vapour for the user to inhale.

All vape kits require a standard, sub-ohm or mesh coil to operate, all of these coils are packed with cotton which soaks up e-liquid inside the tank.

How long does a vape coil last for?

A coils life is dependent on a variety of variables and is mainly dependant on how often they are used as the metal on the coil wears away each time it is heated, as does the cotton within the coil.

Coils can last anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks. The more a coil is used, the higher the nicotine content within the e-liquid, the more flavourings within an e-liquid, the higher the VG content and the higher level of power sent to the coil will all effect its lifespan.

If you are unsure on when or how to change the coil in your device, you can pop into your local Evapo vape shop for an expert colleague to explain and show you how or read more from our ‘When And How To Change A Coil’ blog post.

How do I get longer life out of my vape coils?

It is always recommend that with your new coils that you prime your coils properly and leave them in a tank or pod full of e-liquid for 10-15 minutes to ensure the cotton inside of the coil has enough time to saturate with e-liquid and reduce the change of prematurely burning out.

To help extended your coils life and get the longest life out of it, we recommend that between each time you vape on your device that you give the coil inside your tank or pod 10-15 seconds which allows the coil to re-saturate with e-liquid and therefore avoid potentially burning the cotton within the coil prematurely.

Do vape coils last longer than vape pods?

Not necessarily, although most stand-alone coils that are not inside of pods tend to be larger in physical size allowing them to have more cotton inside which means they can saturate with more e-liquid at a time and can lead to them lasting slightly longer than coils found within pods.

As with all coils, the higher the nicotine content, amount of flavourings, higher VG content, amount of uses and the higher the level of power sent to the coil will all effect the lifespan of the coil’s overall life.

Why does my vape coil taste burnt?

A coil that tastes burnt is predominantly down to the fact that the cotton within the coil has either become burnt somewhere or is entirely burnt. This burning taste is an indication to the user that they need to replace the coil within their tank or pod of their vape kit for a new one.

Please ensure that with all brand-new coils that you prime your new coil by placing a drop of e-liquid on each cotton hole on the sides of the coils and then leave it in a tank or pod full of e-liquid for 10-15 minutes before using. This enables the cotton on the inside of the coil to saturate with e-liquid and avoid prematurely burning it out.

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