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CUE Vapor are dedicated to providing high quality vaping options to help you discover the perfect alternative to smoking, tailored to your own pace. They combine simplicity, comfort, and convenience for a device that makes the transition from smoking to vaping as easy as can be. The new CUE 2.0 pod kit is a buttonless, vape-all-day device equipped with an upgraded 850 mAh built-in battery and fast charging capabilities. It can be paired with any of the CUE prefilled pods which are available in are available in a choice of five flavours with a 17/18 mg/ml nicotine strength, or with their refillable pod paired with your choice of compatible vape juice.

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CUE was created with the intension of making easy-to-use, high quality vaping options available and accessible to all adult smokers, to help make the transition from smoking to vaping a positive experience. The CUE 2.0 pod kit is a hybrid device, offering both prefilled and refillable compatible pods so you can choose the option that best suits your preferences.

The prefilled pods are already filled with e-liquid and can simply be removed and replaced when empty, making them a great way to get started with vaping, as you do not need to worry about refilling your pod or changing your coil, which can feel a little overwhelming for some new vapers.

The pods are available in a choice of five different flavours, ranging from traditional options like smooth tobacco, chilled menthol, and cool mint, to fruity flavours like pure peach and mellow mango, giving you a wide range of flavours to choose from and experiment with. Each pod contains 2ml of 17/18 mg/ml e-liquid depending on the flavour, which can help manage your nicotine cravings as you make the switch.

The refillable pods allow a bit more room to experiment, as they can be paired with any 50/50 or high PG vape juice. This gives you the freedom to choose the exact flavour and nicotine strength you prefer, and refill the pod multiple times before needing to swap it for a new one.

Whether you would prefer to have a wider range of flavour options, or need a nicotine strength that is not available in the prefilled pods, these refillable pods make the CUE 2.0 much more versatile than its predecessor, and open the device up for use by a wider range of vaping preferences. This also allows you to decrease your nicotine strength over time if you would like, without having to switch to a different vape kit.

More about CUE

CUE are a UK based company and all of their products are rigorously tested by a premier UK based lab to ensure not just that they are completely compliant with UK regulations, but that they are the best possible quality each and every time.

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