Heated tobacco & dry herb vaporizers

If vaping is not for you, but you would like to find more convenient way to use tobacco, heated tobacco devices, also known as heat-not-burn devices, and dry herb vaporizers could be a great option to consider. Our range includes some of the leading heated tobacco devices from brands like IQOS and Ploom, as well as the best dry herb vaporizer UK retailers have to offer from PAX.

Heated tobacco solutions, also known as 'heat-not-burn', allow you to convert to a more convenient alternative to smoking by removing the need for combustion, while still enjoying the taste and sensation that is familiar to you. These devices evenly heat tobacco sticks, specifically designed for use in heated tobacco devices, to form a tobacco enriched vapour with no smoke or ash. Research suggests that heating tobacco releases less of the harmful constituents that are released when tobacco is burned, while still offering the nicotine hit, tobacco taste, and feel of smoking.

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About heated tobacco devices

Dry herb vaporizers are another alternative to combustion, that will evenly heat your chosen materials on specially designed heat-not-burn settings to create a rich vapor in a discreet and convenient hand-held device. The renowned range of PAX 3 dry herb vaporiser combines cutting-edge technology with the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes to create easy to use and intuitive devices that will take your vaping session to the next level!

If you are interested in learning more about heat-not-burn technology, pop in to your local Evapo store or speak to a member of our Customer Service team to get all the information you need!

Heated tobacco & dry herb vaporizers FAQ

What are heat-not-burn devices?

Heat-not-burn devices are kits made to be used with specially designed tobacco sticks, also known as heat sticks or HEETS. These devices gently heat up the tobacco inside the heat sticks, instead of burning it, to produce a vapour and mimic the experience of traditional smoking.

These devices are designed to only be used with branded tobacco heat sticks designed specifically for use with each device. You cannot use traditional tobacco in these devices, and you can’t smoke the tobacco inside a tobacco heat stick like traditional cigarette tobacco.

What are heat sticks?

Heat sticks are small cylindrical sticks filled with tobacco and featuring a filter on one end. These heat sticks are also known by many other names such as HEETS, tobacco sticks, or tobacco heat sticks, and are only designed to be used with the respective brands heated tobacco device as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes.

These tobacco heat sticks contain tobacco that has been soaked in propylene glycol, which is heated within the heated tobacco device to produce a vapour which the user can inhale.

Do heat sticks contain nicotine?

Similar to traditional cigarettes, tobacco heat sticks contain a variety of different components, including but not limited to tobacco, propylene glycol, nicotine and other tobacco particles which are also found inside of traditional cigarettes.

Please note that each brand who creates and offers tobacco heat sticks will have their own composition which can differ from other brands who make similar products.

Nicotine is naturally present inside of the tobacco plant; however, brands will add small traces of nicotine to their tobacco heat sticks if necessary.

What is the best heat-not-burn device?

Each of the different heat-not-burn devices we stock, from different premium brands such as IQOS, PAX and Ploom, will have different features and capabilities.

Different devices will feature a different sized internal battery to charge the device the tobacco stick goes into, the bigger the mAh of the internal capacity battery, the longer and more times it can charge the device.

IQOS offer a range of 10 different flavoured tobacco heat sticks, known as HEETS, compared to the Ploom-S EVO sticks which have 6 different flavours to choose from.

How do heat-not-burn devices work?

Heat-not-burn devices work by gently heating the tobacco stick, instead of burning the tobacco as with traditional cigarette or cigar smoking, cutting out the need for combustion.

The heat-not-burn devices have a small metal blade, which is pushed into the tobacco heat stick, heating it to the correct temperature to create a vapour. The user then draws on the tobacco heat sticks filter, similarly to traditional cigarette smoking, to inhale the vapour produced.

The tobacco heat sticks release a vapour containing nicotine that attempts to replicate an authentic experience similar to smoking, but without any smoke or ash.

What is the difference between combustible and non-combustible tobacco?

The main difference between combustible and non-combustible tobacco is that combustible tobacco products require fire to burn the product to then be consumed whereas a non-combustible tobacco product requires no burning at all.

Non-combustible tobacco products are products that do not require burning of the product, such as a tobacco heat stick that goes into a heat-not-burn device.

A combustible tobacco product is effectively what traditional smoking products are. These products require them to be burnt to be consumed, such as cigarettes, cigars and cigarillos.

Does heated tobacco taste like cigarettes?

Yes and no. Because heated tobacco sticks contain actual tobacco they have an authentic tobacco flavour and they are available in different blends and flavours so you can select the one that best matches your preferences. However, because the tobacco is heated and not burnt there is no smoky flavour.

If you are looking for the vaporizer option that tastes most like cigarettes, heated tobacco are going to give you the most authentic and familiar flavour and also feels very similar to smoking a cigarette.

What are the benefits of heated tobacco?

While heated tobacco devices do still use tobacco sticks, they utilise heat-not-burn technology which eliminates the need for combustion. This means that the tobacco is gently heated to create a vapour, rather than burnt to create a smoke.

This means that heated tobacco devices can cut out some of the harmful chemicals that are released when tobacco is burnt, while still offering a similar flavour and experience.

Does heated tobacco smell?

Heated tobacco devices do still let off a tobacco smell, but it is minimal compared to that of smoking a cigarette. Because the tobacco is heated instead of burnt, there is no smoke smell, just the tobacco smell.

The vapour also does not linger very long in comparison to smoke, and will not get trapped in your clothes and hair in the same way that smoke from a cigarette does.

Are heated tobacco sticks available in different flavours?

Yes, the tobacco sticks which are used with heat-not-burn devices like those from IQOS and Ploom are available in a number of different options, which includes different tobacco blends and even menthol and fruit flavoured options.

This gives you the ability to choose the option that most closely resembles the flavour you are used to from your preferred cigarettes, or to experiment with new flavours to find the ones you like most.

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