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  1. Spooky Halloween e-liquids

    Check out our top picks for hauntingly good e-liquids this Halloween...

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  2. The effects of smoking on the body

    It's no secret that smoking is bad for your health, but how much do you really know about the effects smoking has on your body?...

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  3. The Collection from Ohm Brew

    Ohm Brew have done something really special this time. Fancy something decadent and luxurious? Let us introduce The Collection!..

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  4. Switch to vaping restores lungs defence against infection

    A new study has found that when you make the switch to an e-cigarette it restores the lungs ability to fight off infections...

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  5. Government challenged to support vaping at COP9

    With the COP9 summit coming up, the UK has the opportunity to stand up to the WHO and share the benefits of e-cigarettes...

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  6. Smoking has increased during the pandemic

    With an increase in smoking among young adults, public health authorities encourage smokers to make a quit attempt...

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  7. Alternatives to smoking

    There are now a plethora of different alternatives to smoking, so let's take a look at what option would best suit you...

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  8. E-cigarettes more effective than NRT long-term

    Cochrane have released the latest update to their ongoing review on e-cigarettes, and it holds some really great news for vapers...

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  9. Which Vuse will you choose?

    Vuse are making it easier than ever to make the switch from smoking to vaping by extending their range to include even more vaping options...

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  10. Reintroducing Just Jam e-liquids

    Here at Evapo we are constantly adding to our huge range of e-liquids, introducing new and exciting options to help you find the perfect e-liquid...

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