Bulk buy tobacco sticks

Explore our range of tobacco sticks available to bulk buy, with options from some of the top heat-not-burn brands like IQOS and Ploom, allowing you to stock up on your favourites. These bulk buy deals mean you can pick up 200 sticks in your preferred flavour and brand, for use with your chosen heated tobacco kit.

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About bulk buy tobacco sticks

Tobacco sticks are designed to be used with heat-not-burn devices, which gently heat the tobacco to create a vapour without the need for combustion or smoke. Each heated tobacco device is designed to be used with a specific range of tobacco sticks, and so which sticks you choose will depend on the device you are using.

If you are using an IQOS ILUMA or ILUMA ONE you will need to pair this with the TEREA tobacco sticks, which are available in a choice of nine different tobacco blends, including menthol and fruit flavoured options. The TEREA sticks utilise IQOS’ SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM™ technology, which heats the tobacco stick from within without the need for a blade, offering a cleaner option which does not leave residue on the device.

If you are using a device from the IQOS Original DUO range, take a look at the HEETS which are the compatible tobacco sticks for use with older IQOS devices. HEETS are available in a range of ten blends, ranging from rich and bold to smooth and light, as well as flavoured options like menthol and forest fruits.

For those using a Ploom kit, the EVO tobacco sticks are the compatible range which are specifically designed to be used with Ploom kits. With eight different blends to choose from you can find the exact taste that best matches your preferences, whether you prefer a nutty tobacco or a smooth menthol.

These 200 pack bulk buy options allow you to pick up 200 of your preferred flavour at a great price, so you can keep yourself well stocked. It is important to note that only selected flavours are available for delivery to Norther Ireland in line with the EU restriction on tobacco products with characterizing flavours.

Bulk buy tobacco sticks FAQ

What are tobacco sticks?

Tobacco sticks are made with a specially designed formulation of tobacco which is designed to be used with heat-not-burn devices, also known as heated tobacco devices.

The devices heat the tobacco within the stick, not enough to cause them to burn, but enough to create a vapour. This allows users to get an authentic flavour and satisfy nicotine cravings without any smoke.

Can I use tobacco sticks in any heat-not-burn device?

No, each heated tobacco device has a unique design, and a range of compatible tobacco sticks that are designed for use with them.

You will need to use the tobacco sticks specifically designed for your device to ensure the device works and you get the best vaping experience.

Can I mix and match flavours when bulk buying tobacco sticks?

Our bulk buy tobacco sticks offer allows you to buy 200 sticks of the same flavour and brand.

If you would prefer to purchase a range of different flavours we would recommend purchasing an assortment of individual 20 packs of tobacco sticks.

Can I smoke tobacco sticks?

While tobacco sticks do look quite similar to traditional cigarettes, they contain a different formula of tobacco and cannot be smoked like cigarettes.

They are designed to be used with heated tobacco devices like those from IQOS and Ploom.

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