We offer a wide range of IQOS HEETS in a number of tobacco blends, for use with the IQOS Original DUO range of heated tobacco devices. 

HEETS tobacco sticks are not compatible with the IQOS ILUMA or ILUMA ONE kits.

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The IQOS HEETS range has been specifically designed for use with the IQOS 3 DUO kit, offering a great alternative to combustible cigarettes that feels familiar and enjoyable for adult smokers.

As an IQOS HEETS UK stockist we have a wide range of different blends to choose from, including menthol options, to help you find the perfect HEETS flavour for you.


What are HEETS?

HEETS are small tobacco sticks which are used with the range of IQOS heat-not-burn devices. They look similar to cigarettes and are inserted into the IQOS device and heated to create a vapour. The filter on the HEETS stick can be inhaled through like the mouthpiece of a vape device.

Because they contain real tobacco they offer an authentic flavour that is ideal for those who are looking for an alternative to smoking but are not ready to give up tobacco altogether.

Do HEETS contain real tobacco?

Yes, HEETS do contain real tobacco. Unlike e-liquids, which are made completely without tobacco, HEETS are used with heat-not-burn devices that offer an alternative to smoking.

While they may look like a cigarette, they should not be used in this way, but should be used with an IQOS device to create a vapour.

Can HEETS be smoked?

No, although they may look like cigarettes and are made using tobacco, they are not actually cigarettes and are not designed to be burnt.

Instead, they should be used with an IQOS device which heats the tobacco to create a vapour which can be inhaled, without the need for combustion or smoke.

Can HEETS be used in other heat-not-burn devices?

No, HEETS are designed specifically to be used with IQOS devices and are not necessarily going to be co0mpatible with other heat-not-burn devices.

Each type of heat-not-burn device will have a range of tobacco sticks that are designed specifically for use with that device, so it is best to always buy the correct brand to avoid disappointment.

Are HEETS tobacco sticks available for delivery in Northern Ireland?

Most of the HEETS tobacco sticks range remains available for delivery to customers in Northern Ireland, allowing you to choose from the six tobacco blends - yellow, russet, teak, amber, sienna, and turquoise.

The mauve, green, blue, and sienna caps flavours will no longer be available for delivery to Northern Ireland in line with the EU restriction on tobacco products with characterizing flavours.

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