Vape Clearance Sale

Take a look at our vape clearance UK sale page to find a great deal on anything from e-liquids and CBD, to devices and vaping accessories. Bag a bargain in our vape clearance sale today.

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  1. Elf Bar 600V2 watermelon disposable vape
    Was £4.99 £2.99
  2. Mad Eyes HOAL cherry ice disposable vape
    Was £4.99 £2.99
  3. ZYN cool mint mini nicotine pouches
    Was £6.49 £4.99
  4. Mad Eyes HOAL red apple ice disposable vape
    Was £4.99 £2.99
  5. ZYN espressino mini nicotine pouches
    Was £6.49 £4.99
  6. Mad Eyes HOAL Georgia grape disposable vape
    Was £4.99 £2.99
  7. SMOK RPM 5 pro pod kit black leather
    Was £39.99 £29.99
  8. Mad Eyes HOAL lemon lime disposable vape
    Was £4.99 £2.99
  9. Mad Eyes HOAL mango ice disposable vape
    Was £4.99 £2.99
  10. ZYN chili guava nicotine pouches
    Was £6.49 £4.99
  11. ZYN icy mint nicotine pouches
    Was £6.49 £4.99
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1-24 of 47

24 of 47


Vape Clearance UK

We are constantly adding new lines to our online vape store and offering a great range of sale items including, vape kit deals, discounted e-liquids and vaping accessories at a fantastic price that will be kind to your wallet. Why not browse through our vape sale options, you may just find your new all day vape, or your new favourite vape kit!

Vape clearance sale FAQ

Why are these e-liquids and vape kits on sale?

All of the e-liquids and vape kits we stock are high-quality products from reputable suppliers and some of the biggest names in vaping, this includes the ones available in our sale section. However, the products on clearance often represent some of our older lines that we have stocked for some time. By reducing the price of these products, we can clear the way to add exciting new ones to our range from both existing and new vaping brands.

Checking out our vape sale range is a fantastic way to find a new vape kit at a great price or pick up an e-liquid that you may not have tried before or even just to stock up when you haven’t quite made it to payday yet!

Are clearance e-liquids safe to use?

We will only ever sell products that have been subject to rigorous testing to ensure they are safe to use and compliant with all UK regulations. All of our products are sourced from reputable suppliers and trusted brands, so you can rest assured that you are using the highest-quality product. All e-liquids will have a best before date printed on the bottle, and we will only ever sell e-liquids that are still within this date.

Our clearance e-liquids are from older ranges, and by reducing the price we can make way for new products that have recently hit the market, offering all of the newest choices from your favourite vaping brands!

If you have any concerns about your e-liquids, don’t hesitate to speak to a member of our team either in your local Evapo store or our online customer service team.

Do e-liquids have an expiration date?

Yes, all e-liquids should have an expiration date printed on the bottle and it is recommended that they are used before this date. Due to the vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) in e-liquids they have a long shelf life, usually 1 – 3 years from the manufacture date, depending on the flavourings used. This is because the flavourings and nicotine can degrade over time, especially if the bottle has been opened.

If you are unsure if you should use an e-liquid you have, check the expiration date, or reach out to a member of our team for advice.

Is there a limit to how many sale items I can buy?

No, you are welcome to purchase as many vape sale items as you like, the only limit will be the amount of stock we have. If there is a sale item that you want to purchase multiples of but are unsure if the stock is available, you can contact our customer service team who will be happy to check the stock on hand for your chosen retail store or our website. You can also give your local store a call to check they have the stock you require, the contact numbers for our stores are available on our vape shops page.

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