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Take a look at our range of Vuse pods with options compatible with the Vuse ePod, Vuse Pro, and Vuse GO Reload 1000 pod vape kits. These prefilled pods are filled with high quality e-liquid in a wide range of flavours as well as a variety of nicotine strengths so you can find the perfect one to suit your needs.

Vuse are known for creating user-friendly devices that make it easy to make the switch from smoking to vaping, like their new Vuse Pro prefilled pod kit. This device is an upgraded version of their popular ePod 2 device, and is compatible with the full range of Vuse prefilled pods.

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About Vuse

Vuse are one of the most popular producers of closed pod kits, also known as prefilled pod systems, and aim to create devices that make vaping accessible, user-friendly and affordable. Their devices, like the Vuse Pro, make fantastic starter kits for those who are new to e-cigarette use.

The new Vuse Pro is a petite, draw activated device which means you simply need to inhale through the mouthpiece to active the device. It boasts a sleek, minimalist and compact design that feels extremely comfortable to hold and use. The 370mAh built-in battery is designed to last all day for the average user, and can be fast charged to 80% in just 35 minutes. You can also continue to use the device while it is charging, for completely uninterrupted vaping.

The Vuse GO Reload 1000 features a more palm-sized, square design, and takes a super simple and easy-to-use approach to vaping. The device features an LED indicator light to help you know when to think about charging, as well as a locking button that lets you know that your vape is secure and safe when stored in your pocket or bag when not in use. The GO Reload 1000 can offer up to 1,000 puffs per pod, and it is easy to click the new pod into place in seconds when it needs to be replaced.

Both devices are compatible with the full range of Vuse Pro pods, letting you enjoy all the same flavours you know and love. The pods click securely into place with the help of magnetic contacts, making changing pods an absolute breeze! The pods are available in a wide variety of flavours, ranging from flavours that feel familiar to new vapers like chilled mint and golden tobacco, to some more adventurous options that let you explore the wider range of e-liquid flavours like tropical mango and watermelon ice.

Vuse vape kits FAQ

Can I use Vuse ePods in my Vuse Pro device?

Yes, the Vuse Pro is the new and improved version of the original ePod and ePod 2 device, and includes a few exciting new features which can improve your vaping experience.

However, the Pro is still compatible with the same ePod pods as the original devices, so you can continue to use the same flavours and nicotine strength options that you are used to in your new device.

Why has the Vuse ePod 2 been replaced with the Vuse Pro?

The Vuse Pro is the new and improved version of the popular ePod 2 device. It still has a very similar design to the ePod 2 device, and is compatible with the same pods so you will not need to purchase a different type of pod.

However, the Vuse Pro has some exciting new additions and improvements from the ePod 2 device, such as quiet draw technology and a slightly more powerful battery, which offer an even better vaping experience, as well as a slimer and more streamlined exterior design.

How long does the Vuse Pro last?

The Vuse Pro contains a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that can be repeatedly recharged whenever needed, and even offers fast charging and can continue to be used while on charge.

How long your Vuse Pro will last depends on your own personal usage, but Vuse estimate that it should last for around 300 charge/discharge cycles before the battery will begin to deteriorate and you will likely want to consider replacing the device.

Can I refill my Vuse pods?

Vuse pods are a type of closed, prefilled pod which comes already filled with e-liquid in a range of flavours and nicotine strengths. However, once the pod is empty it will need to be disposed of and replaced.

The pods are not designed to be refilled and attempting to do so may cause damage to the pod and prevent it from working as expected.

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