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OXVA take inspiration, both in their name and ethos, from the ox; a powerful and reliable animal which is reflected in the vape kits they produce. Their pod kits cater to new and intermediate vapers, offering a simple, effective, and dependable vaping option.

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About OXVA

Pod vape kits are an excellent option if you are looking for a simple to use and pocket-friendly vape kit, and they also happen to be the type of vape kit that OXVA specialises in.

OXVA Xlim devices have a distinctive design that combines a sleek exterior with all the built-in features to make their devices some of the best on the market. From adjustable airflow to the LED screen, these vape kits are built to give you the chance to personalise your vaping experience, without being unapproachable or confusing.

The OXVA Xlim features a 900 mAh built-in battery with a wattage output of up to 25W, allowing you to adjust the power up or down to best suit your own preferences. It also allows you to choose between button or draw activation, so you can use the device in whichever way feels most comfortable for you.

The OXVA Pro is the latest addition to the range, kicking things up a notch with a 1000 mAh built-in battery and max power output of 30W, making it a great option not only for newer vapers but also for intermediate vapers who want to tailor their experience but also keep things simple.

Both devices are compatible with refillable pods, which can be topped up with your favourite 50/50 or high PG e-liquid multiple times before needing to be replaced, and feature an anti-leaking design for convenient storage.

OXVA vape kits FAQ

Are OXVA pod kits refillable?

Yes, both the OXVA Xlim and OXVA Xlim Pro are refillable pod kits, meaning the pods can be repeatedly refilled with your preferred compatible e-liquid multiple times before needing to be disposed of and replaced.

Because the pods have a fixed coil, you don’t need to worry about replacing the coil, you just need to remove and replace the entire pod, for a mess and fuss-free option.

What e-liquids should I use with the OXVA vape kits?

Both the OXVA Xlim and Xlim Pro are designed to be used with 50/50 or high PG e-liquids. The flavour and nicotine strength you choose is completely up to you.

This is because these vape juices have a thin consistency that is easy for the small coil within the OXVA pods to absorb, to remain saturated during use and between pulls.

Are OXVA vape kits rechargeable?

Yes, both the OXVA vape kits feature a built-in rechargeable battery, and come with a USB-C charger cable. We recommend using the cable which comes with the device where possible, and plugging it either into a device like a laptop or games console, or using a wall plug with an output of 1amp or less.

These batteries can be recharged many times before they will start to degrade, and with proper care a rechargeable vape kit can usually last up to a year or two before the battery gets degraded enough to need replacing.

What is variable wattage?

A variable wattage vape kit allows you to manually adjust the power output in some way. In the case of the OXVA Xlim and Xlim Pro they have a maximum output of 25W and 30W respectively, and can be turned up or down within this range to suit your preferences.

It is also important when using a variable wattage device to consider the recommended wattage range of the coil or pod you are using, as this will let you know the range within which the coil will perform at its best.

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