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Buy vape kits & e cigarettes online. Choose from our collection of bestselling vape kits. Whether you are looking for a starter kit, pod vape kit, or advanced vape kit, you can find them all here!

Our collection of vape kits includes all of the leading brands including Aspire, Elf Bar, SMOK, Vaporesso and VOOPOO. We stock 50+ different vaping kits, from all in one pen style kits to pod systems to larger variable wattage mods. If you are not sure what you are looking for why not take a look at our vape kits:all you need to know guide or top vape kits 2023 recommendations. Our team can also offer advice and support at any point in your vaping journey.

Discover more in our vape kits guide below.

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Vape kits guide

Whether you’re completely new to vaping or have been vaping for years, we have vape kits to suit those at every stage of their vaping journey, from starter kits all the way to advanced vape kit.

Straight-forward prefilled pod kits

If you’re new to vaping and a little apprehensive about learning to use an e-cigarette, a prefilled pod kit like the SKE Crystal Plus is an excellent place to start.

These devices are extremely simple to use, like the popular Elf Bar pod kits, and there is no need to worry about refilling your pod or changing your coil. The pods come prefilled with e-liquid in a variety of different flavours, and once the pod is empty you can simply remove it, dispose of it, and replace it with a fresh one.

Some prefilled pod ranges, like the Vuse Pro, even offer prefilled pods in a range of different nicotine strengths. This allows you to select the strength that most accurately reflects your previous nicotine intake from smoking, to help you manage your cravings as you make the switch.

User-friendly refillable pod kits

Refillable pod kits like the Vaporesso XROS 3 offer the same simple design as prefilled pod kits, but allow you the freedom to choose from a wide range of compatible e-liquids, so you can select the exact flavour and nicotine strength that best suits you.

Some, like the VOOPOO Argus G, even offer the ability to personalise your vaping experience by selecting the wattage and airflow settings that feel most comfortable and satisfying to you.

Convenient and economical pen vape kits

Vape pens are the most traditional style of vape kit, and will usually offer a slightly larger battery and more power than many pod systems. As the name suggests, these devices have a similar size and shape to a pen, like the Innokin T18 II, and fit easily in your pocket or bag.

Unlike pod kits, which will usually require you to periodically change throw away the pod you are using and replace it with a new one, pen style vapes like the Aspire PockeX utilise tanks made of glass and metal, which will not need to be replaced.

Upgrade to an intermediate vape kit

If you have been using a starter kit for a while and feel that you are ready to upgrade to something with more power and built-in features, it may be time to transition to an intermediate device like the Vaporesso GEN AIR 40.

While starter kits are usually designed for a mouth-to-lung vaping style, intermediate devices like the LUXE XR Max can also be used with a restricted-direct-to-lung vaping style, for more vapour production and a satisfying throat hit. You can read more about the different vaping styles in our blog post 'What is RDL vaping?'

Powerful and cloudy advanced vape kits

For those cloud chasers an advanced vape kit like the Geekvape T200 Aegis Touch kit are definitely the way to go. These devices have all the built-in features and state-of-the-art technology you could want, while offering a high powered direct-to-lung vaping experience and rich, dense clouds of vapour.

We stock all of the leading hardware brands, such as Elf BarAspireSMOKInnokin and Vaporesso, and VOOPOO, at affordable and competitive prices. If you buy a vape kit in store, a member of our team will be more than happy to help you choose a device, set it up and walk you through how to use it, change the coil or pod and answer any questions you may have.

You can also shop our full range of vape kits online if you are unable to make it to your local store, as well as lots of useful information to help you choose the right kit to suit your needs in our guides or blog sections.

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Vape kits FAQ

What is a vape kit?

A vape kit, also known by other names such as an e-cig, e-cigarette, vape pen, vaping pod system, or pod vape kit, are electronic devices that provide power to a coil, housed inside of a tank or pod, which produces heat and vaporises an e-liquid into vapour. Vaping is seen as an alternative to smoking.

There are a variety of different vape kits such as vape pens, vape pod kits, refillable pod kits, prefilled pod kits, box mods, sub-ohm kits, squonker mods, mechanical mods and more.

Vape kits have been commercially available in Europe since 2006, starting with small device known as ‘Cigalikes’ and progressed each year to be what they are today.

You can find out more about the evolution of e-cigarettes in our blog post 'Vape kits: all you need to know'.

What does a vape kit consist of?

Most vape kits are of the refillable type and consist of a battery, tank, pod or clearomiser that can be filled with e-liquid or ‘vape juice’.

The pod, tank or clearomiser houses the coil, which comprises of a piece of metal wire that looks similar to a spring, with cotton wrapped in between. The e-liquid inside of this tank then saturates into the coil which, once heated, evaporates, and turns the e-liquid into vapour for inhalation.

Advanced and sub-ohm kits tend to use external batteries, meaning the device does not have a built-in battery and is designed to use 18650, 20700, 21700 vaping batteries which can be charged in an external battery bay charger specifically for vaping batteries.

How do I choose a vape kit?

For your first device, we recommend you start with a starter kit or pod device as these tend to be much simpler to use and mimic a similar experience to traditional smoking.

If you’re looking for a kit with an increased vapour production, then we would recommend looking at a sub-ohm kit. These devices are designed to be used with high VG e-liquids, so the e-liquids you used in your starter kit are likely not suitable.

If you’re upgrading from an intermediate kit then we offer a range of advanced vape kits from brands such as VOOPOO, SMOK and more.

If you need help with recommendations, then speak with our customer service team or pop into your local Evapo vape shop for advice from our colleagues. You can also check out our blog post 'Top Vape kits 2023'.

What is included in a vape kit?

Different brands include different things within their vape kits, however it is common to expect a device, with either a built-in battery or the capability to take an external battery, tank or pod, coil sometimes including a spare, instructions manual and a USB charging cable to keep your device charged.

Some sub-ohm or advanced kits do not have internal batteries built-in and require an external 18650/20700 or 21700 battery to operate. These batteries are designed to be charged in an external charger from brands such as Efest.

Some vape kits will also include a spare coil, sometimes a different ohm resistance than the other coil it comes with, so you can try different types before buying more.

What vape should a beginner start with?

For anyone looking to make the switch to vaping for the first time it is always recommended that you start with a starter kit. Starter kits generally consist of vape pens and pod kits as these kits tend to be far easier to use and aim to mimic a similar experience to traditional smoking by providing a tighter airflow and lower vapour production.

We offer a variety of starter vape kits from brands such as Aspire, Innokin, Uwell, SMOK and other premium brands, both in our vape shops and online vape store, to ensure that all vapers who shop with us are getting themselves a kit designed by professionals and built to incredibly high standards.

How do you set up a vape?

Depending on which vape kit you have will depend on how you set it up however most vape kits come with instructions, including how to assemble the kit to start vaping.

For standard vape kits, insert the coil into the tank, fill the tank with e-liquid and wait 15 minutes. Then screw the tank onto the battery or device, turn the device on and you’re ready to vape.

For refillable pod kits, fill up the pod with your chosen e-liquid and wait 15 minutes, then insert the pod into the device, turn the device on and it’s ready to go.

For prefilled pod kits, insert the pod into the device, turn the device on and you’re ready to vape.

What should I look for in a vape kit?

This really depends on how experienced of a vaper you are. New vapers should look for a starter kit style device, as these have been specifically designed to be easy to use and offer a vaping experience that feels similar to smoking a cigarette.

If you are looking to move on to a more advanced device, you might want to consider one with different features like adjustable airflow and variable wattage, which are often available in sub-ohm vape kits. If you want a really high powered device that offers lots of features, an advanced vape kit is going to be the best place to look.

How long do vape kits last?

How long your vape kit will last depends on a number of factors. If your vape kit is well maintained and looked after, it will likely only need to be replaced once the battery inside starts to degrade. While the batteries inside of vape kits can be recharged hundreds of times, they will start to hold less charge over time so you will find it needs to be recharged more often. They will usually last between a year and two years before they will need to be replaced.

On the other hand, if you are using a more advanced vape kit with external batteries, you can just replace the batteries when they begin to degrade and continue to use the same vape kit, which can extend the life of the device. This means that you would only really need to replace it if it starts to get a bit worn out, or if you want to upgrade to something new.

You can read more about this in our blog post ‘What are the different types of vape battery?’

How much do vape kits cost?

The price of vape kits can vary a lot depending on the size of the battery, the additional features the device offers, and the type of vape kit it is. For example, prefilled pod vape kits are incredibly user friendly and do not have many built-in features, they also contain relatively small batteries with a low power output, so can be quite inexpensive to buy.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a state of the art advanced vape kit with all the bells and whistles, this is going to cost much more, and depending on the device you may be looking at up to £80 for a new vape kit. The best place to start is by setting yourself a budget and exploring the exploring which vape kits that suit your needs are available within this price range.

What is the best vape kit 2023?

The vaping industry is constantly evolving and innovating to create new and exciting vape kit options for vapers to choose from. There have been many devices released within the last year, ranging from starter kits to advanced vape kits, which have proved to be extremely popular.

If you are looking for a starter kit, something like the SKE Crystal Plus, Elf Bar Mate 500, or Vaporesso XROS 3 could be a fantastic place to start. If you are looking to upgrade to something more advanced, why not check out the SMOK Nord 4, VOOPOO Drag 4, or the Geekvape T200 Aegis.

You can also check out our blog post ‘Top vape kits 2023’.

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