Banana-flavoured disposable vapes

If you love a banana flavour and are looking for a simple and fuss-free vaping option to pop in your pocket or bag, our range of banana flavoured disposable vapes has got everything you need!

Our range includes options from all your favourite vaping brands, like SKE Crystal Bar, Elf Bar, and even CBD brands like Orange County CBD.

Whether you prefer a straight-forward banana flavour, a fresh banana ice, or a banana based fruit medley like strawberry banana, there are plenty of option to choose from.

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About banana disposable vapes

Our diverse range of banana disposables is not just limited to standard disposable vapes, but also includes CBD disposable vape options, and even guarana disposable vapes!

No matter what kind of banana disposable you are looking for, and what kind of banana flavour, there are plenty of options from all the biggest vaping brands, so you may even find yourself spoilt for choice.

Banana disposable vape FAQ

Which is the best banana disposable vape?

That really depends on what kind of banana flavour you are looking for, a simple banana, an icy banana, or banana combined with other fruit flavours. You’ll also want to consider what type of disposable vape you are looking for, as our range also includes CBD disposables and guarana disposables.

Why not check out the options in our range to find the one that best suits your personal needs!

Do all banana disposables contain nicotine?

No, disposable vapes are available both with and without nicotine, giving you the option to choose the formula that will best suit your needs.

If you are looking for a nicotine free disposable, there is the option of standard nicotine free disposables, CBD disposables, and guarana disposables, all of which have a no-nicotine formula.

What is a banana CBD disposable vape?

CBD is a popular supplement, and is most effectively used through vaping. CBD disposable vapes allow you to incorporate your daily CBD supplement with a simple device that requires no accessories, refilling, or recharging.

Once the device is empty it can simply be disposed of and replaced with a new one, for a fuss-free and convenient way to vape.

Are banana disposable vapes refillable?

Disposable vapes cannot be refilled, but are instead designed to be disposed of once empty. There are refillable disposable vapes available, but unless your device is specifically advertised as being refillable, attempting to refill with likely just cause damage.

If you want a refillable option you might be better suited to a refillable pod system or starter kit.

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