Elf Bar Mate 500 P1 pods

The Elf Bar Mate P1 pods have been designed specifically to work in perfect synergy with the Elf Bar Mate 500 device, offering a robust and flavourful vaping experience with each and every puff. Take a look at the wide range of 28 flavour options and you’re bound to find one that you love.

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More about Elf Bar Mate p1 pods

The Elf Bar Mate 500 is a prefilled pod system that is ideal for new vapers looking for a straight-forward and easy to use kit to get them started on their vaping journey.

If you have previously used the Elf Bar disposable devices, the Mate 500 is the perfect way to transition to a reusable vape kit that still offers the delicious range of Elf Bar flavours that you know and love.

The P1 pods fit securely into the device giving you peace of mind when storing the device in your pocket or bag, and offer a cigarette-like draw that will feel familiar to those making the switch from smoking to vaping.

The flavour range include 28 options that cater to all different flavour preferences, including fruit flavours, candies, beverages, and many more.

Each pod is filled with 2 ml of 20 mg/ml nic salt e-liquid, offering a smooth inhale and fast relief from nicotine cravings. Once the pod is empty there is no need to fuss around with messy refills or coil changes, simply remove the empty pod and replace it with a fresh one for a seamless vaping experience.

If you would prefer to be able to choose between a wider range of flavours and nicotine strengths they now also offer refillable pods which can be refilled with your preferred compatible e-liquid multiple times before being replaced with a new one.

Elf Bar Mate P1 pods FAQ

Which pods should I use with my Elf Bar Mate 500?

Each prefilled pod vape kit has a specific pod range that is designed to be used only with that device, for the Elf Bar Mate 500 it is the Mate P1 pods.

These pods will only fit in the Mate 500 vape kit and have been specifically designed to work best with the battery power and set wattage of that device.

How much e-liquid is in an Elf Bar Mate P1 pod?

Each Elf Bar Mate P1 pod contains 2ml of e-liquid, which is the maximum amount allowed by UK law. The pods are sold in a pack of two, so you are getting 4ml of e-liquid in every pack of P1 pods.

The refillable P1 pods have the same e-liquid capacity of 2ml, however they can be repeatedly refilled with e-liquid so you can refill it a number of times before the coil burns out and the pod will need to be replaced.

What does ‘prefilled pod’ mean?

A prefilled pod is a type of pod that we refer to as a ‘closed pod’ and is purchased already filled with e-liquid and ready to use. These pods are a great option if you are new to vaping or looking for a very simple device, as they simply click into the vape kit and can then be removed and replaced when empty.

Prefilled pods are available in a wide variety of different flavours and may also be available in different nicotine strength options. Which flavours will be available depends on the brand and model of vape kit that you are using, but there are usually many different flavour profiles to chose from so you can find a flavour you love no matter your preferences.

Can I refill my Elf Bar Mate P1 pods?

The Elf Bar Mate 500 device is quite unique in that it offers both prefilled and refillable pod options. That being said, if you would like to be able to use your own e-liquid and refill the pod you will need to buy the refillable P1 pods as these are the only ones that are designed to be refilled.

The prefilled P1 pods are not designed to be refilled and attempting to refill them will likely break the pod and render it unusable.

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