Mesh coils

Mesh coils are one of the more recent innovations in vaping, offering more even heat distribution for enhanced flavour and a longer lasting coil. Check out our range of mesh coils from all your favourite vaping brands.

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About Mesh coils

Mesh coils are one of the most recent innovations in the vaping world, enhancing stock coils by improving flavour, longevity and providing an even more consistent inhale. Mesh coils work in the same way as regular stock coils, however, instead of utilising coiled wire as the heating element, they use a metal mesh. Mesh atomizers are revolutionising the vaping world, producing an exceptionally flavourful and dense vapour and also offering more longevity than their regular wire stock coil counterparts.

This is mainly thanks to the fact they provide a more even heat, as there is a lot of surface area in contact with the cotton this produces a more even heat distribution. This helps the cotton inside last for longer, as there is less concentrated contact with heat in particular areas, and it also vaporises more e liquid for larger and denser vapour production.

There are now mesh vape coils available for many different tanks, from a number of leading brands such as SMOK, Vaporesso, Aspire, Innokin and Freemax. Pop in to your local Evapo store and speak to a member of staff to see if there is a mesh coil available for you tank.

If you can’t make it in to store, you can shop our full range of products on our website, and find tonnes of information in our guides, blog and videos.

Mesh coils FAQ

What are mesh vape coils?

Mesh vape coils, as the name suggests, utilise a metal mesh in place of a metal coil. They do not need to be used any differently than other coils, and may look the same as other coils on the exterior. The mesh is inside the coil casing, surrounded by cotton and encased in a metal jacket.

Mesh coils are a newer type of coil option and are known for having a slightly longer lifespan and better flavour payoff than standard coils.

Are mesh vape coils better than standard coils?

Ultimately, it is entirely up to personal preference as to whether you will prefer a mesh coil or a standard coil, so if there are multiple coil options available for your tank it is a good idea to give them each a try to find which one best suits your personal preferences.

That being said, mesh coils offer a more consistent distribution of heat so can last longer than their standard coil equivalent and many people report that the flavour payoff is better with a mesh coil.

Can I use a mesh coil in my vape kit?

Whether you can use a mesh coil depends on which tank you are using, as each tank is compatible with a specific range of coils. Mesh coils are a relatively new type of coil and so not all tanks will offer a mesh coil option.

If there are multiple coil options available for your tank it is a good idea to give each of them a try to see which one best suits your preferences.

What are the advantages of a mesh coil?

Mesh coils offer a better distribution of heat than standard coils, which means that they may last longer before the cotton burns out. This is because the mesh covers a larger surface area within the coil so the heat is not focused on certain areas of the cotton which will burn faster.

Users often report that this also allows for better flavour payoff, with the better heat distribution making for a more crisp and flavourful inhale.

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