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  1. UK Clinical Director agrees "E-cigarettes... can be a very effective quitting tool"

    A new article for discusses the facts about vaping, and how it can be a very effective tool for quitting smoking...

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  2. Vaping support during lockdown

    All shops are temporarily closed other than for the collection of pre-paid Call & Collect orders from selected stores.

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  3. Evapo seasonal opening hours 2020

    All Evapo shops in tier 1, 2 and 3 areas in England and Gibraltar are open. In line with government guidance all shops in England's...

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  4. Pick your ZYN®

    ZYN nicotine pouches are a great alternative nicotine source, find out which ZYN would best suit you needs with this handy guide...

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  5. Slush Brew by Ohm Brew

    Ohm Brew have introduced their new Slush Brew range, inspired by those icy treats from your childhood!..

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  6. Innokin Sceptre Switch Kit with Ohm Brew

    Ohm Brew have teamed up with Innokin to bring you their 4 week Switch Kit, with everything you need to make the switch from smoking to vaping...

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  7. IEVA survey finds that over 80% of participants have completely quit smoking

    A new survey has found that over 80% of the participants have now completely quit tobacco with the help of an e-cigarette...

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  8. ASH Smokefree GB 2020 survey update

    The latest annual Smokefree GB survey has been released, and continues to show positive reception for e-cigarettes...

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  9. Vaping is a pathway away from smoking, study finds

    A new report disproves myths that e-cigarettes are a gateway into smoking, by finding the opposite is true...

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  10. Lockdown prompts record number of stop smoking attempts

    Research has found that the COVID-19 lockdown has prompted thousands of people to quit smoking...

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