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  1. Vype is becoming Vuse

    Vype is becoming Vuse, and you will soon see Vype products in store and online with a whole new look...

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  2. Introducing Mr Blue & Mrs Red from Ohm Brew

    Ohm Brew have introduced some delicious new flavours to their repertoire...

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  3. New flavours from Ohm Brew CORE

    Introducing the newest additions to the Ohm Brew CORE e-liquid range...

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  4. VApril 2021

    VApril 2021 will be taking an online approach this year, to help smokers kick the habit from the comfort of their own home...

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  5. PAX dry herb vaporisers

    The PAX 3 is now available in a range of beautiful new colour finishes, so you can choose the PAX device that suits your personality...

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  6. Vaping demystified

    A new video from Yorkshire Cancer Research looks into vaping and how it can benefit public health...

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  7. Evapo push for better vaping regulation

    Evapo share their thoughts on the UKVIA Blueprint guidelines for the TRPR review...

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  8. Daily e-cigarette use shows ‘clear benefit’ in helping smokers quit

    A new study from King's College London has found that daily e-cigarette use can help smokers quit...

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  9. Debunking the ‘Gateway Theory’

    For years the 'Gateway Theory' has been used as an arguement against e-cigarettes, but as the data grows, the truth couldn't be more obvious...

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  10. No Smoking Day 2021

    No Smoking Day 2021 is focusing this year on mental health, and how quitting smoking could help make for a happier you...

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