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Just Juice specialise in deliciously fruity flavours, incorporating exotic fruits from all around the world for a flavour experience like no other. Their new nic salts ice range is perfect for those who love an e-liquid so cold it will blow your socks off! Just Juice e-liquids are available in 50/50 10ml bottles, with a choice of an 11 mg/ml or 20 mg/ml nicotine strength that lets you find the best option to suit your needs. The smooth nicotine salts minimise throat hit and allow the nicotine to absorb quickly to satisfy cravings in just a few puffs.

You can also enjoy some of your favourite Just Juice flavours as part of the Just Juice x Oxbar collaboration refillable disposable vape. The Just Juice x Oxbar RRB disposable vapes are available in five different flavour options with a choice of an 11 mg/ml or 20 mg/ml nicotine strength. Each device can be refilled up to ten times and recharged whenever needed.

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Just Juice was created by two best friends who wanted to provide other ex-smokers with high quality e-liquids with phenomenal flavour and top notch ingredients. After months of research, Just Juice was born.

Their e-liquids have taken inspiration from all over the world with their delicious range of mouth-watering fruit medleys. Whether you prefer something simple like a good blue raspberry, or are looking for a bit more of a tropical taste like coconut or guava, they have got options to suit every fruity flavour preference.

Their range of icy nic salts combine juicy fruit flavours with an icy cold finish that will keep you feeling refreshed even on the hottest summer days.

Just Juice e-liquids are made using nicotine salts, which offer a super smooth feeling inhale and absorb quickly. They also offer two different nicotine strengths, so you can choose the option that most suits your needed nicotine intake. The 50/50 formula of these vape juices makes them the perfect companion to starter vape kits and refillable pod systems.

Their collaboration with Oxbar means you can now enjoy some of your favourite Just Juice flavours in the Oxbar RRB refillable and rechargeable disposable vape. The kit comes with one 10ml bottle of Just Juice e-liquid in a choice of five flavour options and two nicotine strengths, 11 mg/ml or 20 mg/ml. The 10ml bottle of nic salt e-liquid can fill the tank of the Oxbar device five times, offering up to 3000 puffs. You can then refill the pod a further five times with another 10ml bottle of e-liquid of your choice for a total of up to 6000 puffs per device.

More about Just Juice

Just Juice e-liquids are manufactured in the UK using high quality ingredients, and are fully TRPR and TPD compliant.

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