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We offer free First Class delivery on all orders over £40. To see our full range of delivery options, including next day and Saturday please visit our deliveries page.

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Returns policy

In addition to your statutory rights, we are happy to exchange or refund any unwanted hardware product* within 28 days of purchase. All items must be returned with all parts in an unused, resalable condition and in the original packaging together with the returns form. *Drip tips and clearomizers are non-returnable unless faulty for health & hygiene reasons. All e liquid is strictly non-returnable for health and safety reasons.

How to return an item:

1. Contact us via our support page or email us: support@evapo.co.uk 2. We will email you a returns form and returns number, which you should enclose in your package. 3. Keep a copy of proof of posting or send the item by recorded delivery. 4. As soon as we have received them, we will issue a refund on items covered by the warranty. 5. If the items are covered by warranty we will also refund all shipping costs.


Batteries are consumable products and have a finite life span. We guarantee all our batteries and chargers for a minimum of 60 days starting from the day of receipt. Clearomizers are consumable oral products. Thus we can only cover them by a DOA (dead on arrival) warranty of 7 days from the day of receipt. Any mishandling of or damage to ordered items will result in the warranty being voided.



The rapid rise in the popularity of e-cigarettes has turned the market into a kind of Wild West.There are hundreds of manufacturers, over a thousand vaporisers and countless e-liquids out there. All of this can make it daunting and confusing for a beginner. But it’s our job is to make it as easy as possible for you. If you commit to quit smoking, we promise to take care of the rest.

This brief introduction to e-cigarettes will answer most of your questions. If you have others, please do email us.

|| Where do I start?

To start vaping you need a device and some e-liquid. To make it simple, we assembled a 'try out' starter kit, which contains a vaporiser, an usb-charger and one bottle of e-liquid of your choice. This kit is reliable, easy to use and comes at a low price. With our money back guarantee it's also risk-free. Give it a try and see where it takes you.

|| How do e-cigarettes work?

E-cigarettes come in many different shapes and sizes, but there are three basic components:

  • the atomiser
  • the e-liquid container, called the 'tank' or 'clearomizer'
  • the battery

The atomiser is the central element. It consists of a small wire heating coil (sometimes called an ‘atomiser head’) wrapped around wicking material that draws in liquid from the tank. The coil connects to the battery, which is activated either by suction or with a manual switch. This quickly heats up the coil and turns the liquid into a vapour, which is inhaled.

So three main variables decide the quality of the vaping experience:

The battery voltage, the electrical resistance of the coil and the efficiency and density of the wick. Different e-cigarettes tweak these variables in different ways to try to achieve the best results.

We have spent months researching the market and finding the best devices for you. Have a look at our products.

|| What do they cost?

E-cigarettes are amazingly cost-saving compared to traditional cigarettes. You can start by paying as little as £10 for our beginner kits, with intermediate kits in the range of £20 - £40.

Maintenance costs are low too, since the only items that need frequent renewing are the coils and the liquid.

Depending on usage, coils usually last at least two weeks and a 10mL bottle of e-liquid will last 5-7 days on average. Batteries generally have a life span of 3-6 months.

At a broad estimate, one-pack-a-day smokers save £1,500 - £2,000 a year when they change to e-cigarettes. Think of what you will do with all that extra cash!

|| What e-liquid should I buy?

Next to what device to buy, the 2nd most important task is to find the right e-liquid for you. After choosing your device, the second most important task is to find the right e-liquid for you. There are countless different flavours on the market, and we have chosen a range of 15, which we are confident will keep you delighted for a long time.

Your choice of e-liquid is very much an expression of your personality. It depends on your taste preferences, your background, your lifestyle and also when and where you are vaping it.

As a general guide, one-pack-a-day smokers tend to prefer tobacco flavours for everyday use, while menthol flavours are more refreshing and fruit, nougat or cappuccino flavours are best after meals or for the afternoon hours.

Finding the right e-liquid is an ongoing process and you can enjoy the journey.

Check out our range.

|| What nicotine level should I start with?

A big underestimated advantage of using e-cigarettes is the choice of nicotine strength they can provide. Instead of having to consume a fixed quantity of nicotine as with a conventional cigarette, you can start at your current level and then gradually decrease it to a level your are comfortable with.

We are offering 4 different nicotine strengths: 0%, 0.6%, 1.2% and 1.8%.

As a rule of thumb, +1.5-pack-a-day smokers day should go for 1.8%, 0.5-1.5- pack-a-day smokers can try 1.2% and casual smokers will feel at home with 0.6%. It can be a good idea to start with two different strength levels to find which is right for you. At a later stage many of our customers choose to fine-tune it even more by mixing different levels of nicotine to the right proportions. The most important thing: You have the freedom of choice!

|| What about disposables and cartridges?

We don't offer them, and we have some strong opinions about them. After testing dozens of different brands and talking to many smokers, we haven’t found any disposables or cartridge systems that meet satisfactory standards of quality and flavour. Trying disposables as a way of checking out e-cigarettes is like learning to swim without water. Doing it once or twice might help a bit, but you soon want to move on to the real thing. It would be better to start with our Beginner Starter-Kit, which is almost the same price as a disposable.