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Donut Puff special edition 4x50ml

Donut Puff special edition e-liquid 4x50ml


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Great value 4x50ml Christmas special edition box set containing all four Donut Puff flavours - strawberry, blueberry, chocolate and Swedish berries.

Strawberry - a fluffy-soft donut coated with sweet strawberry icing and perfected with crumble.

Blueberry - a fluffy-soft donut filled with fruity-juicy blueberries.

Chocolate - A fluffy-soft donut flatters with creamy-full-bodied chocolate.

Swedish berries - a freshly fried puff doughnut with a generous glaze of raspberry icing.

This short fill e-liquid was developed especially with a higher flavour content so that you can comfortably add nicotine shots according to the desired nicotine strength and still enjoy the full taste.

VG/PG 70/30. 50 ml e liquid in each 60 ml capacity bottle. Zero nicotine e liquid ideal for DIY e liquid mixing. For example, add a 10 ml nicotine shot in 18 mg/ml nicotine (sold separately) to create 60 ml of 3 mg/ml strength e liquid.