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Canabidol CBD oral capsules 300mg

Canabidol CBD 300mg oral capsules

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Canabidol CBD cannabis supplement oral capsules. Strength 300 mg. Pure Cannabis Sativa L. (also known as hemp) 30 x single dose 10 mg CBD capsules.

These pure CBD oral capsules contain 15,000mg of 100% Cannabis Sativa L. and 300 mg of the active ingredient CBD which includes all the legal Cannabinoids, terpenoids, essential oils and all the other powerful compounds of the cannabis plant.

Derived from EU-approved legal industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) grown under licence. Canabidol has been developed specifically for the UK market and is legal to sell, purchase and consume within the UK.

Canabidol CBD oral capsules 300mg are non-psychoactive. The THC content is less than 0.05% and is tested on every batch by Canabidol to meet the required specifications.

Over 18s only