Introducing The Mylo Vape Stick

The Mylo vape stick is the latest pod style device to hit the market and it may well be the easiest way to start vaping.

Pod systems are an extremely popular form of vape device at the moment, especially for new vapers who are hoping to use it as a stop smoking aid.

Meet The Mylo Vape Stick

The Mylo is an extremely user friendly and straight forward device with the vapour production and airflow tailored to feel as close to that of a cigarette as possible.

This means it should feel more familiar to those who are using it as a stop smoking aid, giving them the best opportunity for success. The disposable pre-filled pods also make for a simple, no fuss vaping style.

How It Works

The Mylo vape stick is a simple design that requires the use of pre-filled pods, meaning the user doesn’t have to worry about refilling a tank of e-liquid or changing a coil.

The pods come in 9 different flavours of 18mg nic salt e-liquids, with a variety of different flavours ranging from tobacco to lemon & lime. Each pod contains 1.8ml of e-liquid and is equivalent to approximately 300 puffs.

Because the e-liquid contained in the pod is made using nic salts the effects of the nicotine will be felt almost instantaneously, satisfying the craving within a few puffs. Once the pod has been used and there is no e-liquid remaining, the user simply removes and holds on to the mouthpiece, then disposes of the spent pod and replaces with a fresh one.

There is a small indicator light on the front of the device that will turn on when the vacuum fire action is activated, this will also light up when the device is on charge. The 400mAh battery will give a good amount of battery life, but when the device is running low it is incredibly easy to charge.

The user must simply remove the charging cap on the opposite end to the mouthpiece, then plug it straight in to a USB port, this means it can also be charged from a computer or laptop. The device features no buttons and is activated by the vacuum caused when the user inhales through the mouthpiece, making the device feel even more similar to a cigarette.

Benefits of the Mylo Vape Stick

Because the pods are pre-filled there is no need to prime a coil or wait for the e-liquid to be absorbed before use, the user can pop in a new pod and it is read for use straight away. This also means that you need not worry about carrying spare bottles of e-liquid or coils, all you need is a replacement pod.

The device is discreet and only produces as much vapour as your average cigarette, so the user will not find themselves producing huge clouds or drawing attention to a huge device. It is also extremely lightweight and can easily slip into a pocket or bag without weighing it down or being obvious.

Because this device was made with new vapers in mind it is designed to replicate the feel and ease of a cigarette, therefore it will still feel familiar enough to someone who hopes to give up smoking to not feel like a huge change and to satisfy the nicotine cravings they may feel.

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