From day one our aim has been to help our customers make the switch from smoking to vaping. Whether it is to improve their health, to save a few quid, or simply because they don’t want to smoke anymore, we understand that everyone has their unique reasons for choosing to quit. Our aim is to not only help our customers choose the right device and e-liquid to get started with an e-cigarette, but also to support them along the way however we can.

That’s why we love to hear from our customers about their stop smoking journey, why they chose to quit, and simply, how it’s going!


For some time now we have been sharing why vaping matters to our colleagues and customers through video interviews on our YouTube channel. This is not only a chance for them to share their success stories, but let us know a bit more about how they got into vaping and the changes they have noticed since quitting smoking.

Sihon’s story

Sihon was a smoker for around three years, smoking 20-30 cigarettes a day which gave him the opportunity to step outside and take a minute away from his busy work day. Many of his colleagues smoked, and it was at this job that he first started smoking, which is common for many smokers. Taking a cigarette break is a way to remove yourself from the stressful work environment for a little while. In the video he explains how his smoking habit escalated;

“It really started building up and it was only when I started counting empty boxes that I was like, this is a bit of a problem.”

It was around this time that Sihon unfortunately lost a family member, which he points to as his main reason for quitting smoking;

“Quitting smoking was a decision I made because I had a family member who died from lung cancer. That was a pretty harsh wake up call because the number one cause of it was smoking cigarettes.”

In the video interview Sihon discusses his first attempt at quitting smoking, a story that feels all to familiar to many people. Initially he tried to quit cold turkey, but found this was very difficult, especially in social situations.

Anyone who has made a quit attempt knows how hard it can be when you see friends and colleagues having a cigarette, and you know how easy it would be to give up and join them.

Fortunately, one of Sihon’s colleagues was a vaper, and introduced him to e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking. After doing a lot of research into e-cigarettes and the different options available, Sihon made the switch to vaping and has now been a vaper for 5 years.

Why asked why vaping matters to him, Sihon explained;

“You have to look ahead and behind. If you look at the past, we’ve seen the effects of smoking, the data is there, we know what kills people and we know it’s cigarettes.”

Neil’s story

A great example of how everyone’s experience is different is Neil. He was a smoker for around 30 years, but unlike many long-term smokers, he was a relatively light smoker usually smoking between 2-4 a day.

For Neil, the social aspect of smoking played a big factor in why he chose to quit, as he became aware of the smell of smoke lingering on him. He was also diagnosed with heart disease, which made him realise it was time to make a change in his life.

He chose to switch to vaping as he wanted something that would still satisfy his cravings and feel like smoking. He explains in his interview;

“I’ve been a vaper for just over three years. It came about really because of my need to stop smoking cigarettes… I wanted to switch to something where I could still have that sensation.”

Neil is now encouraging his lodger to consider making the switch from smoking to vaping also.

Alex’s story

Alex was a smoker from a young age, and readily admits that he personally chose to give up because of the cost of smoking. Speaking in his interview, Alex explains;

“Obviously, the reason you should give up is for health reasons, but to me that was a bonus. I gave up purely because of how much it was costing me, I worked it out and I was spending £2000 a year on cigarettes.”

This is a perfect example of how everyone’s motivations for quitting smoking differ. While many people choose to quit due to health concerns, the cost of smoking is actually another very common reason. The price of cigarettes is constantly increasing, and the average smoker can save quite a lot of money by making the switch to vaping.

Alex speaks about why he chose to use an e-cigarette, and reveals that he was advised by his local chemist to consider an e-cigarette as they suspected this would be the most suitable alternative for him.

“I chose vaping because it lets you have something in your hand… If you’re waiting for a bus, tram or walking to the shop, those would be the trigger for me to light up a cigarette.”

He offers this advice to smokers who would like to quit;

“I would say quit smoking as fast as you can, and find a vape that suits you, that you like and get on with. You’ll be able to quit smoking a lot quicker than with just willpower.”

Our YouTube channel has a whole host of interviews with Evapo team members and customers telling their unique stop smoking story and how they got into vaping. If you are looking for some inspiration to get you started on your stop smoking journey, have a listen to some of the benefits people have noticed since they quit, and maybe it might just be the nudge you need!