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Ohm Brew 50/50 ice menthol nic salts e liquid

Ohm Brew 50/50 ice menthol e liquid


Nic free 3 mg/ml 6 mg/ml 12 mg/ml 18 mg/ml
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A pure menthol ice blast that vapes smoothly but with a cold satisfying blast to the throat. With a slight mint candy flavour note in the mix, the result is a full-bodied menthol vaper’s delight.

Ohm Brew ice menthol e liquid is made using nicotine salts which deliver nicotine more rapidly and effectively when vaping. Nic salts resemble the way nicotine occurs naturally in the tobacco leaf more closely. (Except nic free version)

A balanced blend - VG/PG 50/50. 10 ml bottle.