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Using Lithium Ion Vaping Batteries Safely

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Using Lithium Ion Vaping Batteries Safely

Vaping and vape kits have been in the limelight recently as people discuss the importance of battery safety and using electronic cigarettes safely, due to recent events.

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Vaping & Recent News

The BBC published an article following the death of a man from Florida, which is believed to be the first vaping related death in the world. The unfortunate event happened due to complications when using an unregulated mechanical mod with no safety features, and has highlighted the importance of battery safety.

The article features a quote from a member of the Fire & Rescue Service saying,

‘It’s not the e-cigarettes that are unsafe in themselves, but the misuse of the lithium-ion batteries that they use.’

This is a really important point to get across, as stories like this can be misinterpreted by other publications and members of the public to show vaping in a negative light. Which in turn, overshadows all the good that ecigarettes and vaping can do.

The BBC not only interviewed a member of the Fire & Rescue Service regarding the safety of e-cigs, but also a doctor working with burns and plastic surgery and both stress how rare these incidents are in comparison to the fires, injuries and illness caused by smoking.

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What are Lithium Ion Batteries?

Lithium ion batteries are a type of rechargeable battery that is very popular for use in many electronic devices. As well as finding one in your vape device, they can be found in laptops, mobile phones, MP3 players and many other devices.

The main reasons that these batteries are so popular is that they are very lightweight and have a high energy storage capacity in comparison to their size. They also have minimal battery loss so will last for a few years and can handle being recharged hundreds of times over the course of their lifetime.

Unfortunately, in the extremely rare situation that a battery short circuits or becomes extremely hot (approximately 2: 1,000,000), lithium ion batteries will vent and can burst into flames. For this reason, it is of the upmost importance that they are taken care of and users partake in best safety practices at all times.

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What You Need to Know About Battery Safety

If you are a vaper, especially if you are using a device that takes external batteries, it is imperative that you have a basic understanding of how to safely use lithium ion batteries. We’ve put together a list of tips to help you vape safely:

Out and About

  • When you are not using your device lock it or turn it off, this will prevent your device from accidentally firing and overheating.
  • Try not to keep your device in a pocket or bag loose where it can come into contact with other metal items as this can, in rare cases, cause a short circuit.
  • Do not keep spare external batteries, such as 18650s, loose in your pocket or bag. Store them in a case or silicone sleeve.

When Charging

  • Always use the charger that came with the device.
  • Avoid vaping on your device while it is on charge.
  • If you are using a device that uses external batteries we highly recommend investing in a battery bay charger.
  • When choosing a battery bay charger always go with a reputable brand that you can trust.
  • Avoid charging overnight or when unattended.

Your Batteries

  • Always buy your batteries from a reputable retailer.
  • Do not let your batteries get wet.
  • Don’t use damaged batteries.
  • Appropriately dispose of damaged batteries.

Using a Mech Mod

Mechanical mods should only be used by advanced vapers with appropriate knowledge of battery safety, Ohms law, and how to build coils that are suitable for the device and battery that they are using.

If you are unsure about any of these things we do not recommend you experiment with mechanical mods, they have no circuitry and therefore have far less safety precautions in place. If you would like to read more about mechanical mods or rebuildable devices take a look at our blog posts ‘Revolution Squad Mech Mods’ and ‘What Is A: RBA, RDA, RTA, RDTA?’.

For further reading check out our previous blog posts or alternatively pop into any of our stores and speak with a member of our knowledgeable & enthusiastic staff!

Stay safe when vaping and #VapeWithEvapo!
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