On the hunt for an affordable yet high quality vape kit? Then you’re in the right place. We’ve pulled together a list of our favourite cheap vapes for 2024, helping you find the best brands and most reliable devices at the most reasonable prices.

There’s a vape kit out there to cater to all budgets, from the large to the more modest, and some of the cheaper kits perform surprisingly well when it comes to battery power and functionality. What’s more, vaping is by far a more affordable choice than smoking. A refillable vape kit will set you back a mere £58 every 12 weeks on average in comparison to an equivalent number of cigarettes, which come in at a hefty £672 over the same period. Find out more in our guide to the cost of disposable and refillable vapes.

What to consider when you’re choosing a vape on a budget

When you plan to pick up a vape on a budget, there are a few things worth thinking about. Sometimes the cheapest looking device doesn’t end up being the most cost effective one – it all depends on your own personal needs as well as the quality of the vape. Here are some top things to consider when buying a cheap vape.

Choose a reliable brand

If you want a vape that lasts and offers a quality experience, then you want to make sure you’re choosing a reliable brand. There are many excellent and innovative vape brands to choose from, including Elf Bar, Vaporesso, VOOPOO and many more.

Make sure your vape is legal

You may see vapes being sold for very low prices in all manner of shops, but there’s a chance these may be counterfeits that won’t be subject to the same safety and quality regulations as legal vapes. Be sure to buy your vape kits from a specialist shop such as Evapo, so that you can be confident you’re getting the real thing and not a knock off or non-compliant vape. You might also want to check out the tips in our article on how to tell if a vape is fake.

Pick the right type of vape for you

When you’re looking for a cheap vape you’ll no doubt see that prefilled vape kits are an affordable option, but it’s worth bearing in mind that the pods are usually only available in high nicotine strengths which are not suitable for all vapers. It’s important to make sure the nicotine strengths available for your chosen device suit your needs in order to manage cravings and avoid withdrawal/too much nicotine – sometimes the cheaper option might not be the best one for matching your needs.

You’ll quickly notice that disposable vapes are among the most affordable, but don’t forget that the low price reflects the fact that they are designed to be thrown away and replaced after use. This means that they work out as a more expensive long-term vaping option. Ultimately, the cheapest option for long-term vaping is a refillable vape kit.

Tips to save money while vaping

When it comes to saving money while vaping, it’s a good idea to think about more than the initial cost of the device. As we mentioned above, you need to consider how you’ll be using your vape to really get the best deal. To save money, it’s smart to:

Avoid using single-use vapes

While disposable vapes are convenient and affordable for short-term use, the cost can soon add up. This is because they need to be replaced after a certain amount of time/number of puffs.

Use refillable vapes

By switching to refillable vapes, you can choose to buy your e-liquids in bulk. Buying in bulk and refilling your tank yourself will save you a considerable amount of money, making refillable vape kits a great way to save money on vaping.

Choose devices with replaceable coils

The coil, which is also sometimes known as the atomizer, atty or fuse, is a part of vape devices that contains one or more metal wire or mesh coils surrounded by cotton. The cotton absorbs your e-liquid and allows it to contact the metal coil, which heats up when you start vaping, to vaporise the e-liquid. Over time, the coil will burn out and if you have a vape that allows you to just replace the coil rather than the whole pod, you’ll be able to extend the life of your device by simply popping in a new coil. You can find out more in our ultimate beginners guide to vape coils.

The best vapes under £10

When you’re on the hunt for a vape for under £10, your best bet is to look for a prefilled pod kit. These offer good value for money when you’re looking for a high quality and convenient cheap vape. That said, do remember that these are usually only available in a high nicotine strength and that it’s important to match your nicotine strength to your needs, so if you were a light smoker this type of vape kit will not necessarily be right for you.   

Here are a few of our top prefilled pod kits from the biggest and most reliable brands, all of which are available on their own for under £10, or in a bundle deal that will take you over £10 but which includes multiple pods.

Elf Bar ELFA PRO pod kit

The Elf Bar ELFA PRO pod kit is a handy device that’s perfect for vapers switching from disposable vapes to something more economical. It’s draw activated and nice and compact, as well as fast charging. It also has a refillable pod option, perfect if you’d like the chance to top up with an e-liquid of your choice, and the device is compatible with the ELFA, ELFA PRO, and Tappo pods giving you a huge choice of different flavours

Lost Mary Tappo pod kit

Enjoy vapour on-the-go with the Lost Mary Tappo pod kit, featuring draw activation and fast charging. It also has a refillable pod option and features the popular BM600 disposable vape design. As with the ELFA PRO, the Lost Mary Tappo is cross compatible with all ELFA pods, so there are tonnes of choices.

The SKE Crystal Plus device kit

The SKE Crystal Plus device kit is a sophisticated and sleek pod device that offers up to 600 puffs per pod. It’s compatible with SKE Crystal Plus prefilled pods, which are available in 15 different flavours and contain 20 mg/ml of nicotine salt.

Vuse Pro device kit

The slim designs of the Vuse Pro device kit effortlessly slips into your bag or pocket, making it perfect for on-the-go moments. It offers fast charging and you can even charge and use your device at the same time. It also has enhanced water resistance, meaning the Vuse Pro is splash proof, and unlike most prefilled pod kits the Vuse pods are available in a choice of different nicotine strengths.

The best vapes under £20

There is also a great range of affordable refillable vape kits which allow you to save big bucks in the long run, because not only will you be able to replace your coil but you can also buy your e-liquid separately and refill your device yourself. For example, one 10ml bottle of vape juice contains five times as much e-liquid as one 2ml prefilled pod, and costs less than a two pack of prefilled pods.

Here are a few of our bestsellers from the biggest and most reliable brands in the business. All of the following high quality vape kits are compatible with 50/50 or high PG vape juice. What’s more, our devices come with at least one pod and coil, so you’ll be ready to get started right away. Many of our refillable vape kits are also available as part of a deal that offers e-liquids as part of the bundle.

VOOPOO Argus Z pod kit

If you’re looking for a small but powerful pod system, then the VOOPOO Argus Z pod kit is a great choice. It has a 900 mAh internal capacity battery and is designed for MTL vaping with ITO coil technology. It also features multi-layered leakage-proof designed pods to give you peace of mind when it is not in use.

Vaporesso XROS 3 Mini Pod Kit

Enjoy incredible flavours with the Vaporesso XROS 3 Mini Pod Kit, courtesy of its COREX heating technology. It also offers adjustable airflow, an integrated AXON chipset and 1000 mAh internal capacity battery, for a longer lasting charge. There are a choice of multiple different pods compatible with this device, in different resistances so you can experiment and find the one that feels most comfortable and enjoyable to you.

Vaporesso ECO Nano

There’s also the stylish Vaporesso ECO Nano pod kit which is a nice and lightweight, compact refillable pod kit. It offers a 16 W power output and draw activation to support mouth to lung vaping and COREX heating technology to ensure an intense flavour experience. Its extremely small size and compact design makes this vape super travel-friendly and easy to store when not in use.

Geekvape Wenax Q pod kit

The Geekvape Wenax Q pod kit offers a small and compact vape pod kit and features a handy OLED display screen, letting you know when you need to recharge and when you can vape on with confidence. It also has 1000 mAh internal battery with adjustable power as well as adjustable airflow, so you can try different power settings to find the output that gives you the best vaping experience.

If you’d love to hear more about which cheap vape kits offer the highest quality experiences at the lowest prices, then be sure to pop along to your local Evapo store. Our team will be happy to chat to you about the best and most affordable vape for your needs.