SMOK’s range of Nord devices are some of the most popular vape kits on the market, with their compact design and wide range of coil options making them a hit with vapers at all different stages. We’ve compared the SMOK Nord 4, 2 & 1 to help you choose which one is best for you, and explore what great new upgrades come with each generation of the Nord!

Battery capacity

All of the Nord devices are renowned for their surprisingly big battery capacity compared to their small size, and they offer much more power than most pod systems of similar size.

The Nord 4 has the biggest battery capacity of the three devices, with a whopping 2000 mAh of power, which is enough to power its wide wattage range and offer great longevity between charges. That’s 500 mAh more power than the Nord 2’s 1500 mAh battery and 900 mAh more than the original Nord’s 1100 mAh battery! However, due to the differing wattage range each device offers, each battery is more than sufficient to power the average vaper for a full day of vaping between charges.

One of the upgrades SMOK has made to the Nord 4 is that, unlike the previous Nord’s, it is charged via a USB type C cable, which offers a faster charging time than the micro USB that is used to charge the Nord 1 & 2.

Power output

The Nord 4 offers variable wattage, meaning you can turn the power output up and down to best suit your personal vaping style as well as the recommended wattage rating of your chosen coil. This newest addition to the Nord family offers a wattage range of 5 – 80 watts, which is rarely seen in pod system devices. This allows the user to select the exact wattage they prefer, and the wattage +/- selection buttons make it incredibly easy to change the wattage to suit your needs.

The Nord 2 also offers variable wattage, with a wattage range of 1 – 40 watts. This allows the user the freedom to choose their preferred wattage setting, however, it does not include the additional wattage control buttons and so the wattage settings are controlled by the one button. This is one of the upgrades we see in the Nord 4, which makes changing the wattage easier than its predecessor.

The original Nord device has a fixed wattage range of 10 – 15 watts, and will automatically select the best wattage setting to suit your chosen coil. This wattage range is well suited to both the coils you get in the box when you purchase the Nord kit, and having fixed wattage makes it ideal for new vapers who want a straight-forward device with minimal controls.

Airflow design

The Nord 4 is the only one of the Nord devices to feature adjustable airflow, which lets you change the size of the airflow holes to control how airy or tight your inhale feels. As the Nord 4 is exclusively a direct-to-lung device this is a great addition, as it lets the user refine their inhale to best suit their vaping style. It has not only one, but two points of control for the airflow, offering ultimate control and convenience.

The Nord 2 has a fixed airflow design like the original Nord, but with a much more open airflow hole that is perfect for use with the higher wattage options. Whereas the original Nord has a tighter design that is great for newer vapers, for a more familiar feeling inhale.

The original Nord and Nord 2 are designed for mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vaping, so the airflow design has been specifically curated to suit both vaping styles. But if you want the ability to choose the exact amount of airflow that you prefer, upgrading to the Nord 4 makes it incredibly easy to find the exact settings that feel right for you.

Battery indicator

We all know the pain of having your vape battery die unexpectedly, but all of the Nord devices are equipped with a battery indicator that helps take the guess work out of when to charge your device.

The Nord 4 and 2 both feature a 0.69” OLED screen which shows the wattage, coil resistance and remaining battery whenever the device is in use. Not only do these devices offer an indication of the battery, but they show the exact percentage of battery remaining, so you always know exactly how much vaping power you have left before you need to think about recharging.

This is one of the big upgrades from the original Nord, which does not have a screen and uses a multicoloured LED light in the centre of the fire button to give an indication of the remaining battery. Simply press the button twice in quick succession and the light will flash green, amber or red depending on how much power is remaining.

Size and design

All of the Nord devices have a similar outward design, which has become instantly recognisable. Whether you choose a discreet black device, or one of their funky rainbow options, they all feature a sleek and stylish design that feels extremely high quality and comfortable in the hand.

The Nord 1 & 2 are almost identical in size and weight, and are extremely lightweight and compact. The Nord 4 is slightly bigger and heavier than its predecessors to accommodate all the upgrades and the larger battery capacity, but even this is only a marginal increase. All of the Nord devices are extremely easy to store and travel with, fitting easily into a pocket or bag for on-the-go use, but the slightly bigger and weightier design of the Nord 4 makes it feel more robust and sturdier than the previous devices, and speaks to the high quality of the device.

Pod design

The Nord devices are a changeable coil pod system, which is super handy as it means you don’t need to change the pod every time the coil needs changing.

The Nord 4 comes with two different pod options in the box, the RPM pod and the RPM 2 pod, making it compatible with both the RPM and RPM 2 coils. This gives users a vast range of coil options, so you can find the one with the resistance and recommended wattage range that best suits your preferences. Like the other Nord devices, these pods feature the instantly recognisable duckbill mouthpiece that the Nord devices are known for, which are extremely comfortable to use.

They also all have an e-liquid viewing window that lets you keep an eye on your juice level so you know when to refill your pod.

An upgrade that has been made to the Nord 4 device is that the pod is now held in by a magnetic connection, which offers a more secure connection and makes it easier to insert and remove the pod. It also speaks to the high quality of this design, and the many improvements that come with the new Nord 4.

The Nord 2 also offers two different pod options, the Nord pod and the RPM pod, making it compatible with both the Nord and RPM coil range. The pods have a push fit design so they can easily be inserted and removed and fit snuggly in place for a secure fit.

The Original Nord comes with the Nord pod, with that fantastic design and comfortable duckbill mouthpiece. This gives the user access to all 6 of the Nord coils, so you can choose which option best suits you, or mix and match with whatever takes your fancy!

Overall, the Nord family have really changed the game for pod systems, offering the ability to change the coil without changing the pod, and huge battery capacity that was previously unseen among pod kits.

The new SMOK 4 has really taken things to the next level, with so many different coil options and ways to personalise your vaping experience, whilst still offering the small and compact design of a pod mod. This makes it the perfect upgrade for those who have enjoyed the previous iterations of the Nord, but are looking for a bit more power and the ability to further personalise their vaping experience.

If you are interested in picking up a Nord vape, or upgrading to a Nord 4 device, pop in to your local Evapo store or head over to our website to shop the full range of SMOK products.