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MPs Want The Workplace Vape Friendly

MP’s Want Employers to Make Workplaces Vape Friendly

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Vaping (APPGV) are pushing for Parliament to become a vaping-friendly working environment as a way to encourage employers to support vaping in the workplace.

APPGV have drawn up a new vaping policy for the parliamentary estate which will allow workers and visitors the freedom to vape in designated indoor vaping areas, that distinguish vaping from the more damaging habit of smoking.

It is hoped that this change will encourage other businesses and employers to also allow their employees the freedom to vape indoors in similar designated vaping areas.

Where Should You Be Allowed to Vape?

At present vaping is not covered by the same laws as smoking, meaning there is currently nothing preventing employers from drawing up their own workplace policies for e-cigarette use.

It is down to the discretion of management and building owners whether they will consider allowing the use of e-cigarettes in the workplace, but the changes to parliament pave the way for employers to commune with their employees to glean whether an indoor vaping area is an appropriate addition to the workplace environment.

Benefits of Employers Supporting Vaping in the Workplace

There could be may possible benefits to employers supporting their employees with a designated vaping area in the workplace. Firstly, this will help to distinguish vaping as being a separate act to smoking.

Many public health organisations have found e-cigarettes to be significantly safer than traditional cigarettes, however there is still a large misconception that they are as damaging as their combustible counterparts.

Allowing users their own area would help encourage the distinction between smoking and vaping, and also give e-cigarette users the recognition that they have chosen to make a healthier lifestyle choice.

Additionally, this will help to combat the false belief still held by some that passive vaping is as dangerous as passive smoking. The vapour produced by e-cigarettes has no affect on air quality, and dissipates fully within minutes. Therefore an indoor vaping area would have no negative effects on non-vapers who are close by or happen to also be in the area.

It can also be said that having an area where they can use their e-cigarette which is away from smokers could help ex-smokers and those who are using their e-cigarette as a form of nicotine replacement in the process of quitting smoking to be more successful in kicking the habit.

It will remove the temptation of having other people smoking around them and also remind them of the benefits that come with e-cigarette use as opposed to smoking.

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