We are excited to be using Feefo – the world’s largest verified reviews provider – to fund tree-planting projects in return for honest customer reviews.

Evapo have had planet-helping ambitions for a while. With the launch of Feefo’s new sustainability feature, Treefo, we are excited to offer customers a planet-loving thank you for every review they share.

Aware that 69% of consumers are interested in making more sustainable choices (Travel Weekly, December 2022) we wanted to offer something that would have a positive impact on the planet and boost support for our business from like-minded customers.

We are happy that Feefo has partnered with reputable climate solutions specialists, Ecologi, to source its tree-planting projects. Ecologi, in turn, works hand-in-hand with genuine project providers who are engaging with local communities to restore landscapes. These tree-planting projects nurture seeds to have the best chance of growing into full-grown trees.

How does Treefo work?

One of the fantastic things about the Treefo project is how easy it is for our customers to get involved.

After placing an online order with Evapo you will receive an email from Feefo inviting you to leave feedback about your experience. In completing this review you are not only helping us gain insight on your experience, but each review helps to fund a tree planting project and aid in reforestation.

What is reforestation?

Reforestation is the replanting of trees in woodlands and forests which have been depleted. There are so many benefits that reforestation projects can have, not only to restore forests but also to support biodiversity and help create jobs in local communities.

You may remember from science class that trees absorb carbon dioxide as part of photosynthesis, which means that they can play an important role in climate change mitigation. By helping to remove carbon dioxide from the air, these forests can help tackle carbon dioxide emissions and fight global warming.

By increasing forest coverage we are increasing the amount of carbon dioxide being removed from the air, and helping to create a more sustainable environment for future generations.

Treefo is the latest initiative that we have become involved in as we strive to be a sustainable and responsible retailer. You can read all about our other efforts on our Sustainability page or in our blog post 'Evapo fund plastic waste recovery'.