Spice Vaping In The News

Spice Vaping In The News

BBC news yesterday published an article following the collapse of nine young people, having brought products advertised as THC oil, which actually contained the synthetic drug Spice.

The Dangers Of Buying Illegal Vape Items

The items in question, sold as both 10ml bottles of e-liquid and pre-filled pods, were advertised as THC oil which is in itself an illegal substance derived from the cannabis plant. It wasn’t until the users experienced negative side effects that they found out the products they had brought actually contained the synthetic drug Spice, which was previously sold as a legal high but was made illegal in 2016.

Fortunately, none of the people involved have any long-term health complications following the incident, but it has led to warnings from the Greater Manchester Drugs Alert Panel about the dangers of buying illegal vaping products, especially those advertised as THC oils.

THC is derived from the cannabis plant, although it is illegal, the Drugs Alert Panel have reported that natural THC oil poses far less of a risk than the synthetic THC drug known as Spice.

Drugs Alert Panel member Dr Prun Bijral has stated:

“Young people who buy this product thinking it will have an effect similar to natural cannabis are not only being ripped off, they are also putting themselves and their friends in real danger.” – Dr Prun Bijral, Drugs Alert Panel

Spice is reportedly hard to judge dosage, and even experienced users are putting themselves at risk every time they partake as the likelihood of overdose and poisoning is high.

The Importance Of Buying From Reputable Retailers

THC is an illegal substance, and so no reputable retailers should be stocking any products claiming to contain THC.

Although many vape stores sell CBD products, which contain trace elements of THC, these traces are so small that they pose no risk and are legal to sell, this should be less than 0.05%. However, these incidents shed light on the importance of knowing what you are buying, and not purchasing products that are illegal, as they are illegal for a reason.

Not only were these products sold under false descriptions, being advertised as THC oil but actually containing a synthetic and potent drug, but they were sold without packaging or description.

Any vaping product should be sold with the appropriate warnings and ingredients list on the packaging, anything sold without should not be used and disposed of appropriately.

There are countless reputable vape shops around the UK, selling items that are responsibly sourced and manufactured according to strict UK guidelines.

Here at Evapo Vape Shops, all of our products are of the highest quality and undergo extensive testing to ensure we are offering each and every one of our customers the best products. Each of our stores has a team of experts equipped with the knowledge to advise customers on the most appropriate product for their needs, and as a proud member of UKVIA we are working to professionalise the industry and spread knowledge of the benefits of e-cigarettes as a stop smoking aide.

Retailers who are selling these illegal substances are not only putting their customers at risk, but are also risking showing vaping in a negative light, which could be damaging to the industry and the good that e-cigarettes can do when used and sold appropriately.

If you are concerned that you have been sold an item that is not authentic, or could contain something illegal, it is imperative that you do not use the product and dispose of it appropriately to avoid any risks.

If you are looking for vaping related products and want to ensure they are from reputable manufacturers and meet UK guidelines, pop in to your local Evapo store or head over to our website to shop our full range of products.



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