Study Finds Many Smokers Prefer Vaping

New Study Finds Many Smokers Prefer Vaping

A recent study conducted by the manufacturer of Blu Vapor, Fontem Ventures, showed that 37% of the smokers who participated in taking up use of an e-cigarette were completely smoke-free after 90 days.

The Study

The study was published in the Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health and analysed the usage of 72 adult smokers.

These participants were provided with Blu devices as well as a range of Blu e-liquids in varying strengths and flavours, with the aim of seeing how access to an e-cigarette would affect their smoking habits.

The Conclusions

Of the 72 people participating in the study, 37% had given up smoking traditional cigarettes all together.

Additionally, the average amount of cigarettes smoked per day by participants decreased from 14 per day to 3 per day, and the average amount of days per month on which participants smoked going from 28/30 to just 9/30.

These findings are extremely positive as it shows that once the participants had access to an e-cigarette, they found themselves less inclined to smoke regular cigarettes and favouring use of an alternative nicotine delivery system, with a portion giving up traditional cigarettes entirely.

It was also found that most participants preferred non-tobacco flavoured e liquids as opposed to tobacco flavoured ones that more closely resemble the taste of a cigarette.

What Do These Findings Mean for the Vaping Industry?

The results of this study help to further support vaping as a successful and effective form of alternative nicotine delivery and a stop smoking aide.

The fact that many people found themselves favouring a e-cig over traditional cigarettes reinforces the fact that it is vaping is close enough in nature to feel familiar and comfortable in place of the act of smoking, while the availability of different flavours and the ability to use different nicotine strengths can make it more enjoyable to some people than traditional cigarettes.

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Fontem Ventures and published in the Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

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