London Fire Brigade Support Vaping

London Fire Brigade Support Vaping

As knowledge and understanding of vaping spreads, more and more health and safety organisations are expressing their support for the smoking alternative.

The latest organisation to get behind vaping and speak of it’s benefits as a safer option than smoking is the London Fire Brigade (LFB).

Smoking: The Facts

While we are all aware that smoking is extremely damaging to your health, you may not know that it is a common cause of other forms of damage, namely house fires.

In a recent post the London Fire Brigade published some shocking facts about the danger of smoking inside your home.

The article discloses that 6.3% of all fires are smoking related, with 26.1% of fire deaths being attributed to smoke related fires. This information comes with the recommendation that current smokers switch to a safer alternative like vaping, and a list of top tips for those who smoke in their home.

These tips include how to properly dispose of your spent cigarettes and some targeted advice for those who utilise certain healthcare equipment such as oxygen tanks.

Why Do the London Fire Brigade Support Vaping?

While vape related fires are not completely unheard of, they account for barely a fraction of the amount of household fires that are caused by smoking tobacco products.

The London Fire Brigade makes the point that smoking in the home whilst tired or having consumed alcohol can be extremely risky, as a dropped cigarette can quickly catch many household items alight.

‘For smokers who aren’t ready to quit yet, e-cigarettes (vapes) are a better option from a fire safety perspective. Dropping a vape on a carpet, duvet or armchair won’t start a fire.’

Realistically, the worst that is likely to happen when an e-cigarette is dropped is a broken tank, which is reasonably easy to clean up and often more of an inconvenience than a health risk.

The National Fire Chiefs Council provide a fact that unmistakably expresses how much safer the use of electronic vaporisers is than traditional cigarettes,

‘There are an estimated 2.9m adult vapers in Britain, almost all of whom are smokers and ex-smokers.2 In March 2016 it was reported that there were 113 fires caused by e-cigarettes in three years. IRS data shows that there have been over 16,000 smoking related fires over the same period.’

How to Ensure You Are Vaping Safely

A statement from the National Fire Chiefs Council provides a comprehensive list of safety tips and precautions to take when using an e-cigarette. This includes buying your e-cigarette from a reputable retailer, and not using your e-cigarette if it is damaged. To read more about vaping safety check out our blog post ‘Using Lithium Ion Vaping Batteries Safely’.

If you are worried about the safety of your e-cigarette or would like further advice on vaping safety, pop in to your local Evapo store and speak to one of our expert members of staff.

For more vape related advice and information, head over to the Evapo blog.



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