Introducing JUUL

Introducing JUUL

The most popular US vape device, the JUUL, is now hitting UK markets, and it is coming to your local Evapo store.


Many smokers are now making the switch to vaping in order to pursue a healthier lifestyle and quit smoking cigarettes. For these new vapers, the easier an e-cigarette is to use, the better, and it doesn’t get much more simple and user friendly than the JUUL.

Pod systems tend to be a great choice for first time vapers as they cut out the need for changing coils and are usually quite compact and discreet devices.

The JUUL takes this one step further by utilising pre-filled nic salt pods, cutting out the need to carry extra e-liquid or refilling the pod which can be fiddly and messy.

The JUUL is designed to be discreet and to the untrained eye may not even be recognisable as an e-cigarette, with its long, sleek style more closely resembling a USB stick.

What Are POD vape kits?

Pod systems utilise changeable pods with enclosed coils, rather than a tank with a replaceable stock coil. Although the JUUL comes with pre-filled pods, some pod systems use refillable pods, and depending on the user’s preferences this can be either a necessity or an annoyance.

There are rarely any controls or screens on pod style devices, and like the JUUL they most often feature auto-fire technology, meaning that the device doesn’t have a fire button but rather the vacuum created when the user inhales causes the device to fire. To read more about pod systems check out our blog post ‘Vape POD Systems’.

What Are Nic Salts?

Nicotine salt e-liquids contain the same form of nicotine as the tobacco leaf, which absorbs into the bloodstream extremely quickly. Where the freebase nicotine often found in e-liquids can leave the user chain vaping in an effort to satisfy their nicotine cravings, nic salts will reach the bloodstream in seconds and quickly put a stop to any cravings that could leave the user picking up a cigarette.

A  high nicotine content is often associated with a harsh throat hit, however, nic salt e-liquids are much smoother than their freebase counterparts. The JUUL takes full advantage of nic salt e-liquids to maintain a smooth vaping experience from a max strength 20mg e-liquid.

The use of a high strength e-liquid means that only a couple of pulls will have the same effect as a cigarette, making the JUUL ideal for use as a stop smoking aid. If you would like to learn more about nic salt e-liquids take a read of our blog posts ‘Vaping Advice: Nic Salts’ and ‘What Are Nic Salts?’.

Each of our 30+ Evapo stores has a team of expert staff waiting to help our customers find the right device to quit smoking.

If you are looking for an easy to use e-cigarette that is great for first time vapers why not pop in to your local Evapo store and see if the JUUL is the right device to help you make the switch or check out the full range on our online vape shop.

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