Having a leaky tank can be a big annoyance, no one really wants to have to keep washing e-liquid off their hands and clothes all the time.

The recent TPD legislations that have brought in strict laws for the sale of e-cigarettes and e-liquids specify that tanks must be designed to be leak proof, however this only ensured that the tank will be leak proof when used in the correct manner.

If you find your tank is leaking there is more than likely an easy resolution, in this post we will be discussing some of the reasons a tank may be leaking.

Keep It Tight

It may sound obvious, but the first thing to do is make sure that everything is screwed together properly, especially if your tank has only recently started leaking, it may just be that something is loose.

If your tank is leaking from one of the seals, check that the tank is screwed in tight at the top and the bottom, and also that the coil is screwed in fully.

Alternatively, try replacing the rubber O-rings of the tank, as they help to maintain an airtight seal but can become brittle, stretched or broken over time, you will usually find a spare set of O-rings in the box your tank came in.

Check For Cracks

Although a small crack in the glass of your tank may not appear to be a problem, if it is a small crack and has not created an obvious gap or hole you can be forgiven for thinking it will not cause an issue.

However, the crack will have broken the internal vacuum of the tank, meaning it is no longer airtight, and it will more than likely start to leak slowly but constantly.

You may find a spare glass for your tank in the box it came in, but if not, they are usually readily available online or in your local vape shop.

Use The Correct Ration E-Liquid

If you are using a sub-ohm tank with a big coil it is usually recommended that you use a high VG e-liquid. Unfortunately, these big coils can be prone to leaking if used with a 50:50 or high PG e-liquid as this is a thinner consistency liquid.

The coil will continue to absorb e-liquid even when it is not being used, because 50:50 and high PG e-liquids are less viscous the coil can over absorb the liquid, and the liquid will usually have no where to go except out of the airflow or up into the users mouth when they next use the device.

This can result leaking and excessive spitting of liquid into your mouth, which is even more common during the summer months, as the hot weather can further decrease the viscosity of e-liquids making them even thinner.

Change Your Coil

Sometimes all that is needed to stop a leaky tank is a change of coil. Whether it be that the coil has started to burn, and you just haven’t tasted it yet, or that unfortunately the coil has not been packed densely enough with cotton, if the e-liquid is leaking out of the airflow or spitting into your mouth when you inhale, changing your coil can be a quick and easy resolution.

If you have explored all of these options and are still dealing with a persistently leaky tank, we recommend you pop in to your local vape shop and get some advice from a member of staff on whether there is a way to resolve the issue.

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