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About the e-liquid manufacturing process

These e-liquids are produced by a Belfast based e-liquid manufacturing service, with a team of scientists, designers and marketing experts that allows them to take a product from the initial concept all the way to the finished product. Not only are they responsible for big brands such as Ohm Brew e-liquids, but they also offer their services to selected private-label e-liquids across the UK.

They ensure that all of the ingredients and flavours used in the making of their e-liquids are of the highest-quality, personally vetting all suppliers to ensure they are offering only the best e-liquids on the market.

All e-liquids are completely TPD compliant and produced in ISO 9001 accredited clean rooms.

Ohm Brew e-liquids

Ohm Brew e-liquids offer one of the most comprehensive ranges on the market, with options to suit almost every possible vaping style or preference. Their 50/50 Balance Blends 10ml nic salts are the perfect options for new vapers, with over 30 unique flavour options and nicotine strengths ranging from 0mg up to 18mg. The nic salt formula makes for a smooth vaping experience, even at higher strengths, and is quickly absorbed to quickly satisfy nicotine cravings.

For those who prefer more of a throat hit, they also offer freebase versions of their most popular flavours, or their unique Signature blend which combines nic salts and freebase nicotine for the best of both worlds.

They also offer three ranges of Ohm Brew 50ml shortfills to cater to sub-ohm vapers. The Badass Blends range is comprised of 16 different flavour options, spanning from desserts, to drinks, to tobacco. For those who prefer a bit of an icy kick, the Baltic Blends range takes some of their most popular flavours and gives them a cool twist, and even includes some unique new flavours. The new Baltic Extreme range takes this one step further by offering powerful menthol flavours that will really blow your socks off!

Innocent & Guilty

Will you take a trip to the dark side? The Innocent & Guilty range offers high VG shortfills, in a choice between Innocent fruit blends or Guilty sweet treats. With options like Cookies Milk, you can truly indulge your sweet tooth, or choose to get your 5 a day in a different way with flavours like Mango Banana Apricot.

Flavour Lab

The master mixologists from Ohm Brew have come up with this simple but delicious new range of high VG shortfills packed with beautifully blended flavours that are nostalgic and bound to become your new all day vape!

Flavour Concentrates

For those who prefer the ability to mix up their e-liquid to their preferred ratio and strength, we have a range of Ohm Brew flavour concentrates in some of their most popular flavours. The bottle comes with 12ml of flavour concentrate in a 60ml bottle, ready to be mixed with VG, PG and nicotine if needed to best suit the users preferences and device.

Nic’ n Mix

Nic’ n Mix nicotine boosters let your mix up your favourite 0mg shortfills to your preferred nicotine strength in just a few minutes. Their range includes multiple different formulas, including different VG/PG ratios and the choice between nic salt and freebase nicotine. They even offer a Fizz and Cool nic shot that lets you add either a fizzy or icy finish to your favourite shortfill flavour.


They also produce a number of CBD solutions, from e-liquids to skincare. The CBD by Ohm Brew range lets you vape CBD while also enjoying your favourite Ohm Brew flavours, available in 100, 300 and 600mg options. Hello CBD have one of the most comprehensive ranges of CBD solutions, from oral drops, to edibles and skin care, that allow you to work the natural powers of hemp into your daily routine in a way that suits you! If you need more help then please do not hesitate to contact us.
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