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We know that a broken glass tank is a huge inconvenience, so we have a range of replacement glass options to fit a number of tanks from the biggest vaping brands.

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About replacement glass for vape tanks

A crack in your tank can certainly put a dampener on your day, but fortunately it is easy to replace the glass on most glass tanks, and we stock a range of replacement glasses for tanks from all of the biggest vaping brands like SMOK and Aspire.

It can be tempting to ignore a small crack in the glass if you accidentally drop or knock your tank, however, even a small crack can cause your tank to leak. Any damage to the glass can break the vacuum within the tank which keeps the e-liquid inside, at which point gravity will set to work and the e-liquid will start to seep out, which is much more of an inconvenience.

If you suspect that you need to replace the glass on your vape tank but are unsure how to do it, pop in to your local Evapo store or head to our online customer service hub so a member of our team can talk you through the process.

Replacement glass FAQ

What are replacement vape glasses used for?

Replacement glasses are available for certain vape tanks and are used when the glass on the tank is damaged. Even a small crack in the glass will break the vacuum inside and cause leaking.

If your glass is damaged you can carefully disassemble the tank and remove the broken glass, and replace it with a new one so that you can continue vaping with the same tank.

There is a small crack in my tank, do I need to replace the glass?

Yes, ideally you will need to replace the glass as soon as you are able. Even though the crack is small, it has broken the vacuum inside the tank which means that the tank will start leaking.

Even though you may think the crack is too small for e-liquid to leak out, gravity will cause the e-liquid to try and find a way out, so it will find a way to leak out.

How do I replace the glass on my vape tank?

If the glass on your tank is damaged and needs to be replaced please be careful in doing so and take precautions in case there are any small glass shards. You can disassemble your tank and gently remove the glass and then fit the new glass.

We recommend cleaning the tank thoroughly in case there are any small shards inside, and it is also a good idea to change the coil just to be sure.

Which replacement glass do I need?

Unfortunately there are not replacement glass options available for all tanks. We have clearly named the device that each of our replacement glasses fit, so you can browse our range to see if there is a replacement glass compatible with your particular tank.

Replacement glasses are not universal and will not be compatible with other vape tanks.

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