What’s Inside My E Liquid?

What’s Inside My E Liquid?

Have you been wondering what the ingredients of your favourite e liquids are?

You may have noticed some brands of e liquid coming in a variety of different mixes such as 50/50, 70/30, 80/20 VG/PG – but what does this all mean?

Let’s take a closer look!

Inside Your E Liquid

  • PG – Thin: Best for Pen style devices
  • VG – Thick: Best for Sub-Ohm or RDA Drippers
  • Flavouring – Added flavourings to create the E Liquid flavours you love!
  • Nicotine – Comes in a variety of different strengths from: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and more.


Propylene Glycol, known as PG for short, is a thin liquid used in many food additives and cosmetic products. Technically an alcohol, PG is colourless, clear and almost odourless.

This ingredient compound is recognised as safe by the MHRA due to its low toxicity and low vapour pressure. PG also has a stronger throat hit than VG; if you vaped a 3mg high PG vs a 3mg high VG you’d notice a stronger throat hit from the higher PG mix.


Vegetable Glycerine, known as VG for short, is the another ingredient found inside e liquid that produces the vapour that you breath out; higher the VG the thicker the clouds!

VG has been used for a long time in foods, cosmetic products, pharmaceuticals & much more. VG, apart from in e liquid, is used as a preservative, sweetener or a solvent.

It can be found in food and drink such as chocolate milk, marshmallows, mustard, vinegar & many more.


All Nicotine found within e liquid, apart from nicotine salt, is pharmaceutical graded nicotine & this has been the case since TPD came into effect in May of 2016.

Making sure you have the correct level of nicotine will allow you to control nicotine cravings effectively; if you have too much Nicotine it may deter you from vaping & vaping too low a strength will leave you wanting more!

PG / VG Mix Ratio

There are a variety of different PG & VG ratio mixes for many different reasons: different devices take different mixes, more/less throat hit, thicker clouds and much more!

  • 100% VG – The main reason for 100VG juices is for Cloud competitions as the higher the VG the thicker the clouds! PG intolerance is also another reason although this is quite rare. VG also has a sweeter taste than PG so will effect the flavour slightly.
  • 80VG/20PG – Thicker clouds due to the higher VG content, with a small throat hit due to the PG; perfect for drippers or RDTs!
  • 70VG/30PG – One of the most popular mixes due to thick clouds courtesy of the VG & a slightly stronger throat hit from the PG; perfect for sub ohming devices.
  • 50VG/50PG – A fair amount of vapour production followed by a fairly apparent throat hit; perfect for starter kits & pen style devices.


The taste of your e liquid is down to the flavouring added to the e liquid in the manufacturing stage; without this you’d miss out on your favourite e liquid flavours!

Currently all flavourings used in e liquids have to meet the MHRA’s safety standard regulations; which means they’re tested & super safe for everyone to use!

Natural flavourings contain no artificial ingredients, sweeteners or additives; all artificial flavourings have to be approved and tested by theMHRA to ensure they’re safe for use.

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