Reports Suggest Vapers Shouldnt Have to Use The Smoking Area

Vaping in the News: Reports Suggest Vapers Shouldn’t Have to Use the ‘Smoking Area’

The BBC recently published an article discussing whether vapers should have to use the designated ‘smoking area’ or whether there should be a separate space for e-cigarette users, an idea supported by new reports.

What Do the Reports Say?

The reports raise the argument that many people are using e-cigarettes as a healthier alternative to smoking and as a stop smoking aid. Making these people use their e-cigarette in a smoking area will only make it harder for them to give up smoking.

Although e-cigarettes help quash the nicotine cravings that many people experience when trying to give up smoking, it also takes a certain amount of will power to successfully kick the habit.

One of the MPs present at the meeting at which this matter was discussed, Carol Monaghan, summed up the situation aptly by comparing vapers using the smoking area to “an alcoholic being put in a pub situation and expected to refrain”.

Giving up smoking is not the easiest of undertakings at the best of times but having to then spend time surrounded by people indulging in the exact habit you are trying to quit just adds unnecessary pressure and temptation.

How Can We Better Support E-Cigarette Users?

The resolution to this matter is flexible and can for the most part be at the discretion of business owners and organisations to find an appropriate alternative.

Since evidence has shown that, unlike smoking, there is no risk of second-hand vapour with e-cigarettes, and the dispersal rate is so minimal that indoor use does not pose a risk to others, a dedicated room for e-cigarette users to take their breaks was suggested.

Alternatively, in addition to having an outdoor smoking area, there can be an outdoor vaping area that is detached enough that users will not have to occupy the same space as smokers.

This reports also raised the view that e-cigarettes are still not always recognised for their true potential as a stop smoking aid and should be better utilised by the NHS.

In order to support those members of our communities who are utilising e-cigarettes as a step in their stop smoking journey, it needs to be recognised that these people have made a decision not to smoke, and where possible they should not have to be put in a position where they are exposed to others smoking.

As we discussed in a previous blog post, ‘Vapes Aren’t Tobacco Products’, too often e-cigarettes are lumped in with traditional cigarettes, and the difference is not effectively recognised.

This is not only demoralising for vapers but is also damaging to the reputation of e-cigarettes and could prevent some of the good that can be achieved by e-cigarettes being used as an efficient and effective stop smoking aid.

This time of year many people are making the decision to stop smoking, and the use of e liquids e-cigarettes could greatly increase the chances of success for a number of these people.

Ensuring that e-cigarettes are better understood, and that their users are shown the respect and support in their stop smoking journey that comes with separate vaping areas can only increase the success rate of those making the switch.

If you are considering e-cigarettes as a stop smoking aid and would like to learn more about making the switch, check out our blog posts ‘Switching Made Simple’ and ‘Smoking to Vaping: Everything You Need to Know’ or pop into your local Evapo store and speak to a member of staff about devices and e-liquids.


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