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Why Is My Tank Leaking?

Why Is My Tank Leaking?

Your vape tank leaking can be an annoying inconvenience and there are a number of different reasons it could be happening.

In this post we will be outlining some of the reasons your tank could be leaking to help you narrow down whether you could easily resolve the issue.

Are You Using the Correct Juice?

Using the wrong ratio of e-liquid for your chosen tank can lead to some leaking. If you are using a tank with a big coil it is often preferable to use a high VG e-liquids, 70/30 or higher as this is of a thicker consistency.

Using a thinner e-liquid such as a 50/50 could cause the coil to over absorb the e-liquid, it then has nowhere to go but out through the airflow and could even cause e-liquid to spit into the user’s mouth when the liquid goes up through the drip tip.

Check Coil Placement and O Rings

If the coil is not correctly inserted it could cause gaps at the base of the tank where e-liquid can escape. If you coil screws in, make sure the threads are correctly lined up, if you have a push fit coil ensure that the coil is properly aligned and is sitting flush.

If the e-liquid appears to be seeping out from the base of the glass on the tank it may be that the O rings which seal the gaps between the glass and the base of the tank have become brittle, unaligned or damaged. There will be usually be a set of replacement O rings in the box for the tank or device which can easily be replace.

Storing Your Device Properly

When you are not using your vape device it can be easy to just through it in your bag or pocket and forget about, however, if the tank remains upside down or on it’s side for extended periods gravity will set to work and the e-liquid will find a way to leak out of the tank.

It is also important that when your device is on charge it remains upright rather than laying on its side.

Is Your Glass Cracked?

Check the glass on your tank for damage, especially if your device has recently been dropped or bumped.

It is tempting to ignore a small crack until it becomes a bigger problem, but even a small crack will mean that the internal vacuum of the tank will be broken and gravity will draw the juice out.

Some tanks will come with a spare glass in the box, but replacement glasses can be easily purchased if needed. Be incredibly careful when changing your glass, especially if it has shattered, small shards of glass can not only cause cuts but could also get lodged in the bottom of the tank. Clean it out thoroughly to ensure no glass remains before reassembling the device.

If you have explored all of these possibilities and your tank is still leaking without an obvious reason, pop in to your local Evapo store and a member of our team will be happy to take a look at the device and help resolve the issue.

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