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Tools for DIY Coil Building

Tools for DIY Coil Building

Advanced and hobbyist vapers will often at some point pick up the use of an RDA or RTA style tank for their device. This is a tank for which the user builds their own coils and wicks the cotton themselves, and requires a firm knowledge of ohms law and how to build a safe coil.

Use of this kind of device is often referred to as ‘dripping’. In this post we will introduce some of the tools that we recommend for building your own coils and ensuring your build is safe to use.

Coil Jig

A coil jig is a small device that is used to wrap the wire around and form a coil, they will usually come with different size options so you can vary the width of the coil to best suit the tank in which it will be used.

They are a fantastic addition to any build kit as they help to ensure that coils are well formed and consistent, and if you are using a two coil build you can confirm that both coils will be the same.

Ohms Reader

An ohms reader is a small electronic device on which you can screw the base of your RDA and it will read the ohms of the build. This is an important part of the build kit, especially if you are using a mechanical mod which will not give you an ohms reading.

This is used to confirm that the coils are reading at a safe level to run on the device, and are not going to be drawing too much from the battery. You can also use your ohms reader to fire the coils before they are cottoned to check that they are heating evenly with no hot spots. It is highly recommended that anyone using a mechanical mod invest in an ohms reader.

Pliers and Tweezers

Pliers are usually used for making coil adjustments, such as pinching the coils closer together of adjusting the angle of the legs. They can also be handy when inserting the coils.

Tweezers can do this same role, but are usually preferred for wicking the coils as they are small enough to pull the cotton through without tearing it apart. Ceramic tipped tweezers are often preferred by builders as they can withstand the heat of a fired coil for making adjustments after the build.

Small Screwdrivers and Scissors

The grub screws on RDAs and RTAs are quite small and will either come with a small alan key or will require the use of a small screwdriver. It is a great idea to keep these in your build kit just in case anyway, as you never know when they will come in handy!

A small pair of scissors is also essential for the build kit, when it comes to wicking your coils it is often a good idea to keep the cotton quite long and then cut it shorter once you are happy with the wick, this ensures you have not got too much or two little cotton, and it is easy to move.

Wire and Cotton

It is important to ensure that all wire and cotton that you are using is of a high quality and is appropriate for the device that you plan to use it in. Keep spare wire and cotton in your build kit so that you are always prepared should you need to re-wick or recoil your device.

We offer two main building kits, which are full of products that will help you when building on your RTA/RDA such as the CoilMaster DIY Kit V3 or our most recently added build kit, fantastic value for money, Avidartisan DIY Tool Kit!

The use of rebuildable devices is only recommended for advanced vapers who have sufficient knowledge of ohms law to build safe and functional coils. If you would like to learn more about rebuildable devices, take a look at our blog or head in to your local Evapo vape store and speak to a member of our team.

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