Keep CBD as a Food Supplement

Petition: Keep CBD on the Market as a Food Supplement

The current government are in the process of deciding whether or not to reclassify CBD products, which could see them removed from the UK high street.

A petition has been set up to give the public a voice in regards to keeping CBD available for purchase in vape stores, health food stores and other high street shops.

What is CBD?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of the active ingredients derived from the hemp plant.

It is currently sold as a health food supplement in many different forms such as e-liquids and oral capsules, and is legal to purchase due to the fact it only contains the smallest trace elements of THC. THC is the psychoactive element found in cannabis, and it is removed from CBD products.


CBD is currently sold as a health food supplement, and used by many as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

The discussion around reclassification centres around whether CBD should remain a food supplement, or instead be recognised as a medicinal product or a ‘novel food’ product. If CBD is classified as a medicinal product it would mean it could only be sold in medically licensed locations, and could possibly even require a prescription.

Alternatively, it could be reclassified as a ‘novel food’ which refers to a food which is not a medicine and is of animal or plant origin. Any product classified as a novel food is subject to extensive assessment and authorisation before it can be sold, which could see CBD products disappearing from the market until this has been fulfilled, and possibly only returning to certain location types.

Here at Evapo we stock a wide range of CBD products but are not medically licensed and so we do not offer any information about any of the speculated benefits of regular CBD consumption. We advertise and sell these products exclusively as a supplement, and will always recommend customers consult their GP if they have questions about CBD.

We have found that CBD solutions are a popular and beneficial part of our product line and are proud to offer a high quality and responsibly sourced range of products. If the reclassification of CBD products goes through, we almost definitely see CBD products removed from our shelves and online store, meaning we could no longer offer these solutions to our dedicated customer base.

If you would like to support CBD products remaining available as a food supplement on the UK market you can sign the petition.

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